Dachshund Dog Behavior, Breeding and Care

The Dachshund is a small dog breed and an ideal dog for people looking for a small dog pets.
It can be maintained easily as the average weight of the Dachshund will be less than 35 pounds.
Since this dog breed is very friendly, it can be an ideal companion for families with children.

Characteristics of Dachshund Dogs

The Dachshund has a loving personality. Due to this fact, this dog breed is a hit amongst elders as well as children.
At times, it can be a little firm, however, with the help of dog trainers, it can be well tamed to behave well at home.
To avoid such stubborn behavior, this dog breed has to be taken for training in the early stages.
One has to be careful around a Dachshund, as handling it roughly will make the dog angry.
Due to its loving nature, this dog breed has been one of the most popular dogs in the US.
Characteristics of dachshund dogs, breedind and care

Dachshund Breeding

Compared to the other small dogs, the Dachshund dog breed can be taken into breeding easily.
In fact, at most times, human assistance may not be needed. However, it is ideal to consider the opinion of the veterinarian.
As the due date approaches, the dog generally goes into normal delivery.  In the case of the Dachshund, a C-section will rarely be needed.
Before going into the breeding process, the owner has to be aware of the various types of Dachshund.
Since there is a wide variety of Dachshunds, involving a mix of color and length, the owner has to choose which mix is required.
One has to be careful before taking a Dachshund into breeding.
This is because a certain combination of breeds might lead to defective puppies.
So check with the vet before considering the breeding of two varieties of Dachshund.

Feeding Dachshund dogs

Usually, any branded dog food will have the necessary details of feeding the pet.
In the case of a Dachshund, at least one cup of the branded dog food should be given for the day. This is in the case of a 20 pound Dachshund.
Before choosing the brand for your dog food, have a talk with your vet.
Be cautious while feeding your Dachshund as they are more prone to gain weight.
If you are trying to make your dog lose weight, then reduce the feed considerably.
Going forward with a feeding schedule is a good strategy to maintain the ideal weight for your dog.
Especially in the case of a Dachshund, the best way to maintain an ideal weight is to stick to a daily routine.
While your dog might be happy eating all day, do not leave the food open all the time.
The best way to feed a Dachshund is to distribute the food evenly for morning and night.

Care for Dachshund dogs

The ideal bath schedule for the Dachshund is once a month. You don’t need to bath this dog breed weekly as it will be harmful to the dog’s skin.
When washing the short hair, it is better to just wipe it off with a wet cloth.
Always use a mild shampoo for your dog. To avoid any kind of tangling issues, regularly brush your dog.
If your dog has short hair, then brush him once a week. In case of long hair, brush your dog’s hair every alternate day.
Also, make sure you comb your dog’s hair immediately after brushing.
Caring for your dog also means brushing his teeth. If you are brushing your dog’s teeth, make sure you use the toothpaste specifically made for dogs.
Get your vet’s opinion before starting with the process.

Health Issues

The Dachshund breed is prone to various dog diseases. So the owner has to be cautious about them.
Diseases like Hyperthyroidism, Intervertebral Disk Disease, and Acanthosis Nigricans are common among this breed.
One other common problem seen due to the eating habit is obesity. This can lead to several other complications.
Dachshunds are also known to have various skin problems. This is commonly seen when the dog is not properly taken care.
Giving irregular baths and uncared hair will aggravate the skin issues.
Dachshunds are clumsy in nature. So they often meet up with injuries.
Apart from the mentioned diseases, this dog breed will often catch various eye-related diseases.