horse breeds that are best for racing

Top 5 fastest Horse Breed: Standardbred, Quarter, Appaloosa etc

August 4, 2022 Admin

There are all kinds of horse breeds present, ranging from the task-related horses that are bred for farming to the horses that are specifically bred for races. These horses can run fast at an average of 35 mph. In the Read more…

Wool shearing in sheep production

Common Management Practices of Farm Animals & Importance

May 13, 2022 Admin

There are different types of livestock management, but in commercial production, the intensive system is the most practiced. In an intensive system, there are routine management practices in livestock production to increase productivity and improve profitability.   Common Farm Management Read more…

New Puppy home preparation

Puppy Preparation: How to Get Yourself Ready for You New Puppy

April 26, 2022 Admin

It’s a thing of joy when you want to acquire a new pup, whether you’re adopting one from a shelter or choosing one from a local breeder around you using a site like Uptown Puppies to find your perfect companion. Read more…

Which is better in buying a dog or adoption

Reasons for Choosing to Buy a Dog Instead of Adopt

April 25, 2022 Admin

Dog Pet Buying vs Adoption In recent years people who choose to buy a dog from a breeder have become the target of those who advocate adopting a dog from a shelter. But this isn’t fair because technically, a person Read more…

How to choose a safe fun dog park

What to Look For in a Safe, Fun Dog Park


Dog owners living in California have many dog park options, especially in the city where open space is at a premium. But how do you know the dog park you’re taking your dog to is safe as well as fun? Whether you got your dog from a shelter or through a site like, you want to make sure your pet not only has a good time at the dog park you take them to, but that they’re also safe from vehicles, other dogs, and other hazards. Here are some features to look for in a safe, fun dog park. Safe and Secure Perimeter The main feature of any dog park is the ability to let your dog run Read more…

Pedogenesis of soil

Pedology: Understanding Soil Formation and Contents

May 25, 2022 Admin

Pedology Pedology deals with the formation, genetics, origin of soil and morphology, and other related characteristics. There are physical, chemical, and biological characteristics of the soil for it to be productive. Pedology is reflected as the origin and also the Read more…

How to grow pomegranate

Pomegranate plant (Punica Granatum) Nature

April 12, 2022 Admin

Pomegranate plant is a deciduous shrub that bears fruits. Pomegranate is also suitable as an ornamental plant and grow beautiful orange-red flowers. Punica Granatum, commonly known as pomegranate or Chinese apple is an exotic plant that comes from Asia, and Read more…

What is guarana (Paullinia cupana)

Guarana (Paulinia cupana) Nature, Processing and Benefits

April 8, 2022 Admin

Paulinia cupana common name is Guarana. It’s a plant whose seeds and fruits are highly beneficial. Other species of Paullinia are Paullinia crysan and sorbilis and they’re commonly referred to as, Guarana gum, Brazilian Cocoa, Guarana paste, etc. Guarana (Paullinia Read more…

Benefits of food biotechnology to farmers

Advantages of Food Biotechnology to Farmers, Consumers and the Environment

February 20, 2022 Admin

As technology is shaping up every industry, agriculture and food production is not left out. With the growing world population, food insecurity is becoming a daily issue to address, old farming practices can not help with the increasing food demand. Read more…

Food transportation in flowering plants

Transport of Food, Water and Minerals in Plants

February 3, 2022 Admin

Transport System in Plants We know that the roots of a plant absorb food, water and mineral salt from the soil and conduct these up by way of the stem to the leaves where the manufacture of organic food takes Read more…

What are farm records and importnce

Farm Records: Types & Importance of Data in Animal Production

May 16, 2022 Admin

Farm record keeping is dated to the ancient times, and it’s a practice that always help farmers to increase their productivity. There is so much importance of farm records and accounts in managing a farm or any animal production.   Read more…

Economic importance of fungi both beneficial and harmful

Economic Importance of Fungi in Agriculture, Food & Medicines

December 2, 2021 Admin

Economic importance of fungi All fungi are either saprophytes or parasites and thus have economic importance that is both beneficial and harmful to food or in agriculture. Some fungi live at the expense of their living host until the latter Read more…

Making Poultry starter and finisher mash

How to Make Broiler Starter and Finisher Feed

November 10, 2021 Admin

Broiler chickens are reared for meat consumption, and they consume a lot of feed. Feeding is the most important factor in the management of broiler chickens. Both broiler starter and finisher feed formulations must be rich in quality ingredients as Read more…

How to care for your pigs

Feeding and Management of Sow and Litter

September 24, 2021 Admin

Care and management of pregnant sow are very essential in order to prevent most pig farrowing problems. Feeding sows before and after farrowing with healthy food is usually encouraged. Feed lactating sow well so she can produce enough milk for Read more…

Diarrhea in pigs and how to treat it

E. Colibacillosis Disease in Pigs and Treatment

July 15, 2021 Admin

Bacterial and parasitic infections are common in piggery. Diarrhea is usually a common symptom of most of these diseases, however diarrhea caused by the bacterium Escherichia coli is the most common cause of death in piglets. It usually causes illness Read more…