Pros and cons of Angus Cattle breed

Advantages and Disadvantages of Angus Cattle Breed

March 27, 2023 Admin

Interesting Facts about Angus Cattle Angus cattle breed is one of the most sorts after breeds for commercial cattle breeding. This breed has different varieties, and there are interesting facts you would love to know about this breed and the Read more…

Pivetal Probiotic Supplement

Pivetal Probiotic Supplement for Dogs and Cats

March 25, 2023 Admin

Pivetal Products for Pets Pivetal offers a range of health, training, and grooming products for animals and pet owners, particularly dog and cat pets. Some of the popular Pivetal pet products are Pivetal Clinda-guard drops, Pivetal collars, and Pivetal probiotic Read more…

How to get rid of ground moles permanently

How to Get Rid of Ground Moles in your Yard Naturally

March 23, 2023 Admin

Getting Rid of Moles If your yard is rich in soil microbes like earthworms and grubs, and insects, ground moles can suddenly appear in your yard because they feed on these small animals. Ground moles are common in the garden Read more…

Veehoo elevated bed review

Veehoo Cooling Elevated Dog Bed Features and Benefits

March 12, 2023 Admin

What is Veehoo Elevated Dog Bed? Veehoo is a brand that produces a range of training and bedding products for pets, especially cats and dogs. Veehoo cooling elevated bed is a portable, adjustable, chew-proof dog bed that’s made with breathable Read more…

Can you give blueberries pies to dogs

Can Dogs Eat Berries and Blueberries Pie

March 8, 2023 Admin

Can Dogs Eat Blueberries? There are benefits of blueberries for dogs. Blueberries are rich in vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants, and low in calories, making them a healthy snack for your pet dogs. Therefore, you can feed your canine friends with Read more…

Advantages and disadvantages of dethatching a lawn

Pros and Cons of Dethatching a Lawn

March 10, 2023 Admin

Dethatching a Lawn Dethatching is the removal of built-up dead grasses in your lawn to allow water and air to get to the root of the live grasses. You can get more lawn dethatching tips, the importance of dethatching your Read more…

How to Remove thatch from your lawn

Dethatching a lawn: When & How to Remove Layer of Dead Grass

March 3, 2023 Admin

What does it mean to Dethatch your Lawn? Dethatching a lawn means clearing out the layer of dead grass, leaves, and other organic debris that accumulates on the top of your lawn over time. The layer of dead weeds is Read more…

Best tractors for brush hogging

Best (Old, Small, Powerful) Tractors for Bush Hogging

February 1, 2023 Admin

Bush hogging is a way of mowing tall grasses that are densely packed together. Bush hogging is done by a powerful mowing machine popularly known as a bush or brush hog. The mower is usually attached to a tractor to Read more…

Disadvantages of vegetative propagation

Disadvantages of Asexual Reproduction in Plants

September 5, 2022 Admin

Vegetative Propagation or Asexual reproduction Most non-flowering plants reproduce asexually without any transfer of the male gamete to the female gamete. Plant reproduce asexually by childing, offshoot, tuber, lowering, and stelons. Asexual reproduction can also be referred to as vegetative Read more…

Cowpea plant cultivation guide

Quality Characteristics of Legumes

August 16, 2022 Admin

Characteristics of Legumes The grain legumes are members of the family Fabaceae (sub-family Papilionoideae). They are mainly herbaceous plants although some are shrubs. They possess stems or vines that are upright, semi-prostrate, or prostrate.   Cowpea Root System They possess Read more…

Homemade Cow's Milk Formula for Kittens

Homemade Cat Formula: How to Dilute Cow Milk for Kittens

March 14, 2023 Admin

Should Kittens Drink Cow’s Milk? Cow’s milk should not be given to newborn kittens not because it’s not safe for kittens but because it’s not good for them either. However, nothing happens if your kittens drink cow’s milk in an Read more…

Blue Plastic barrel dog house

Plastic Barrel Dog house: Homemade Shelter for Pets

February 28, 2023 Admin

What is Plastic Barrel Dog House? A plastic barrel dog house is a homemade dog shelter built using a plastic barrel or gallon drum as the base, and sometimes in the body of the pet house. Plastic barrel dog houses Read more…

Wooden Cable Spool Dog House

Wooden Cable Spool Dog House: Homemade Pet Kennel to Try

February 26, 2023 Admin

What is Cable Spool Dog House? A cable or wire spool dog house is a type of homemade dog shelter you make using a cable spool as the base of the house. Cable spools are wooden or plastic reels used Read more…

Improper feeding in bunnies

Rabbit Feeding Guide: Don’t Feed Bunny in the Wrong Way

February 17, 2023 Admin

Rabbit Feeding Guide Many of the diseases of rabbits (bunnies) are caused by improper feeding. Unfortunately for rabbit farmers, not all of the commercially available rabbit feeds are suitable for feeding rabbits of all species. Before I discuss further what Read more…

Brooding day old chicks, factors to consider

Management Practices in Brooding of Chicks

February 14, 2023 Admin

The importance of brooding in poultry can not be overemphasized. To become a successful poultry farmer, you need to learn to brood your chicks yourself. This will save you several costs – You’ll get the birds cheap compared to when Read more…