M-Pets Voyager Double door folding metal dog crate

M-Pets Voyager Double Door Dog Crate

May 17, 2023 Admin

What is M-Pets Voyager Crate M-Pets Voyager crate is a kennel used to keep pets at home, while travelling or in outdoor. While Voyager crate can be used for other small pets like cats, it’s specifically made for dog pets. Read more…

Chihuahua American Eskimo dog breed

American Eskimo Chihuahua Mix (Chimo) Dog Breed

April 20, 2023 Admin

American Eskimo Chihuahua Mix A Chihuahua American eskimo dog mix, also known as Chimo or Eskimo Chi, is a dog breed that’s a product of a cross between an American Eskimo dog and a Chihuahua dog breed. Chimo is a Read more…

Trifecta Horse supplement

Horse Guard Trifecta 4-in1 Equine Vitamin & Mineral Supplement

April 14, 2023 Admin

Horse Guard Horse Supplements Horse Guard is a company that produces a range of horse accessories and supplements. It has supplements to improve digestion and weight gain in horses such as Equine Gut Guard, Super Weight Gain, horse hoof and Read more…

Best dog stroller for walking

Best Pet Wagon Strollers for Dogs with Arthritis to Walk

April 10, 2023 Admin

What are Dogs Wagons? A dog wagon, also called a pet stroller is a short stroller wagon, a 4-wheeled stroller that’s typically designed to move dogs, rather than babies. While stroller wagons are used to carry 1 or more babies, Read more…

Polar bear weight, size and height

How Much Does Average Polar Bear Weigh and her Lifespan

April 8, 2023 Admin

What are Polar Bears? The polar bear, with the botanical name Ursus maritimus, is one of the largest carnivorous mammals on land, and also the largest specie of bear. They have thick skin of insulating fat and dense, water-repellent fur Read more…

How to plant and grow millet

MILLET (Pennisetum typhoides Burn .f.)

March 29, 2023 Admin

There are many species of millet but the most important is Pennisetum typhoides which is known as Bulrush or Pearl millet. Among cereals, it is the crop of the driest region. It is very drought resistant and gives reasonable yields in Read more…

How to plant,grow and harvest maize

MAIZE (Sea mays L.) Family: Poaceae

March 27, 2023 Admin

Maize is also known as ‘Indian corn’ or simply ‘corn’. It is perhaps the most completely domesticated of all arable crops. It is widely grown because it can adapt to different ecological conditions. In some parts of Africa, especially, Nigeria, Read more…

Advantages and disadvantages of dethatching a lawn

Pros and Cons of Dethatching a Lawn

March 10, 2023 Admin

Dethatching a Lawn Dethatching is the removal of built-up dead grasses in your lawn to allow water and air to get to the root of the live grasses. You can get more lawn dethatching tips, the importance of dethatching your Read more…

How to Remove thatch from your lawn

Dethatching a lawn: When & How to Remove Layer of Dead Grass

March 3, 2023 Admin

What does it mean to Dethatch your Lawn? Dethatching a lawn means clearing out the layer of dead grass, leaves, and other organic debris that accumulates on the top of your lawn over time. The layer of dead weeds is Read more…

Best tractors for brush hogging

Best (Old, Small, Powerful) Tractors for Bush Hogging

February 1, 2023 Admin

Bush hogging is a way of mowing tall grasses that are densely packed together. Bush hogging is done by a powerful mowing machine popularly known as a bush or brush hog. The mower is usually attached to a tractor to Read more…

Types of ear cropping for Cane Corso

Cane Corso Ear Cropping Styles: Clipped Vs. Uncropped Ears

April 18, 2023 Admin

Cane Corso Ear Cropping Dog ear cropping is the act of trimming your pup’s ears to minimize the chances of ticks and mites breeding, injuries, and infections that are common to uncropped floppy ears of adult bitches. Cane Corso natural Read more…

How to get rid of ground moles

How to Get Rid of Ground Moles with Dawn Soap, Castor oil & Fruit gum

April 6, 2023 Admin

Ground moles are stubborn burrowing mammals that dig tunnels in your lawn and garden to find earthworms, grubs, and insects to feed on them. While sourcing for their foods, they expose the roots of your food crops, flowers, and other Read more…

How to keep ground moles out of your garden

How to Get Rid of Ground Moles with Vinegar (Home remedy)

April 3, 2023 Admin

What is Ground Moles? Moles are small insectivores (entomophagy), that is, they feed mainly on insects. Moles have a cylindrical body shape, small eyes, and large, spade-like front paws that they use for digging and foraging for food, which mainly Read more…

Homemade Cow's Milk Formula for Kittens

Homemade Cat Formula: How to Dilute Cow Milk for Kittens

March 14, 2023 Admin

Should Kittens Drink Cow’s Milk? Cow’s milk should not be given to newborn kittens not because it’s not safe for kittens but because it’s not good for them either. However, nothing happens if your kittens drink cow’s milk in an Read more…

Blue Plastic barrel dog house

Plastic Barrel Dog house: Homemade Shelter for Pets

February 28, 2023 Admin

What is Plastic Barrel Dog House? A plastic barrel dog house is a homemade dog shelter built using a plastic barrel or gallon drum as the base, and sometimes in the body of the pet house. Plastic barrel dog houses Read more…