Meadowsweet plant Nature and how to grow it

Meadowsweet (scientific name, Filipendula ulmaria) is a member of the rose family. Similar specie is Filipendula vulgaris or small Meadowsweet.

They grow in Europe in different areas especially on river banks, ditches, damp meadows and the likes since the plant prefers wetlands for growth.

meadowsweet plant nature

Origin and Nature of Meadowsweet

The origin of Meadowsweet probably lies in Central and Eastern Europe. In the meantime, this plant is commonly found in all European countries.

Also, it can also be found in some areas in America and Asia.

The plant is perennial and can survive over here in Europe without another winter. The root of this plant is lignify and can be described as creeping Rhizome.

The plant is very easy to recognize, with the ELMS, a little reminiscent of the leaves on their feathery leaves.

Meadowsweet plants grow up to 200 cm size and bloom in summer between June and July.

This plant has white small flowers that stand together like a screen. The flowers smell sweet, slightly honey-like.

Plant develops after fertilization and the Meadowsweet nut-like fruits can be collected in the late autumn.

You can collect the leaves of this plant for use as a medicinal herb but you’ve to make sure that the leaves have no white spots, but are juicy green.

White spots can be an indication of mold or other diseases. These sometimes
occur as this grows mainly in moist areas.

If you like, you can grow Meadowsweet even in your garden. It grows very well in loamy, moist soils and oce this conditions are met, it will grow well.

Calcareous soils are preferred for the plant, while sandy soils should be fertilized before planting.

Growing Meadowsweet indoor can be difficult because of some certain conditions that can not be easily met. It is particularly important to consider the root system of this plant in its pot, which is quickly spreading.

Therefore, the pot should be rather large in size to give the plant’s root enough room to grow.

Meadosweet herb is used to sweeten wine and as medications to fight some symptoms such as stomach disturbances, heartburn, joint problems and bladder infections,among other illnesses.