Best Small Monkey Breeds to Own as Pets

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Small Monkey Breeds for Pets

You should keep in mind that owning a pet monkey requires significant time, effort, and resources to provide for its physical and psychological needs, and you may need to obtain a special permit or license to keep one.

Small monkey breeds are often seen as the easiest and safest monkeys to have as pets, but this is not always true. Some small monkey breeds are not good pets, while others can be kept as pets.

The following are the smallest monkey breeds to keep as pets without much worry.


Tamarin Monkey Pet

The tamarin monkey breed can grow to be 32 ounces in weight and 12 inches in length, making it significantly larger than the tarsier.

Being clean primates that will only use one section of their cage for restroom purposes makes them popular pet monkeys, especially the golden lion tamarin.

Small monkey breed to keep a pet tamarin by farmpally

Not only that, tamarins are one of the easiest and safest monkeys to own on this list because they are highly intelligent and have relatively few special nutritional needs.

Though they lack the physical prowess to cause serious harm to a human, when bored they may become rather disruptive and noisy.

Remember that monkeys are social animals; by keeping just one as a pet, you’re denying it the companionship it needs to feel whole.

The average tamarin lifespan is about 15 years, making them as long-lived as some canine breeds.


Guenon Monkey

The Guenon monkey breed has more than 20 species, and they are considered small monkeys for pets.

Guenons have beautiful eyes, colorful fur coats, and can have a height of 20 inches.

Guenons can be difficult to own as a pet since they prefer to live in groups and enjoy staying on trees to eat veggies, leaves, and fruits.

This breed has an average lifespan of 25 years and requires a great deal of long-term commitment.

Best small monkey breeds that are safest to own as pet


Capuchin Pet monkeys

Capuchin monkeys can be kept as pets provided you have a large living space or a cage.

This monkey breed is social and requires constant interaction and attention from its owners.

While capuchin is friendly, it can become aggressive or destructive when you don’t give enough attention or mental stimulation.

As I’ve said keeping a capuchin as a pet should comply with your local laws as it’s illegal to own primates as pets in some states.

Also, capuchin monkeys can transmit diseases to their owners like other pets, and suffer from a range of health issues as they age.

Capuchin monkeys have a moderate lifespan of about 20 years or more.


Spider Monkeys

Spider monkeys are not so popular to own as a pet since they’re a rare breed to find, and also an endangered specie.

Spider monkeys are mostly found in the US as pets, and they have a wild look which might not be good for a beginner.

Spider pet monkeys can grow up to 32 inches, and it’s one of the small pet monkeys.


Squirrel Monkey Pet

Squirrel monkey is one of the best small monkey breeds for pets, and it stays small.

Adult squirrel monkeys only reach a height of 14 inches and a weight of 2 pounds, making them much less of a threat than chimpanzees.

A lot of care and attention is needed to keep them healthy, as is the case with most other primates.

These animals are exceptionally perceptive, have specific dietary needs, and demand regular playtime and mental challenge from their owners.

If you don’t give them any of those things, being their owner will be a terrible experience for them.C3it8nyDVTPsXlolrK8E8CuSJTOqiGfG L D0C9jG kcTuwH9CZdwPktZMMZ26Tbrse942O2LB8OaRddkmThgAs4XGys2xo8nRVL4b4bp7PAkx92OwGsOTNadzgIJGSbvfrP0Xx1eq9HvuTzlfigVgmvl8

When squirrel monkey pets want something, they’ll scream, and when they’re angry, they’ll sometimes toss feces.

Another annoying habit is smearing pee on their hands and feet to leave a scent trail, which can result in a pungent odor in your house.

A monkey of this or that variety may look cute as a pet, but don’t be fooled—they make a huge mess.



Common Marmoset Monkeys

The common marmoset is just approximately 9 ounces in weight and 7 inches in length, making it the smallest pet monkey breed.

If you want a small monkey breed to keep as a pet with fewer cons, then a marmoset monkey is a good choice.

They’re really cute creatures but come with the disadvantage of being very vocal when their wants are not being satisfied.

While you can eventually pick up on the meanings of their calls, you may be helpless to appease them if the monkeys they are calling to are nowhere to be found.

A marmoset will require a sturdy, spacious enclosure with plenty of water and climbing structures.

When given the correct care, their lifespan can be extended to 20 years or more.

Finger monkey is s small monkey breed to raise as pet

Pygmy Marmoset or Finger Monkey

Pygmy Marmosets are one of the smallest species of monkeys and are sometimes kept as pets.

It is also referred to as a finger monkey as it is as tiny as the size of an adult finger.

They are very cute, and have adorable faces and eyes but can be stubborn, and often regarded as pests.

Pygmy Marmoset requires the commitment of their owners since and has a lifespan of 12 to 15 years.