What is Chia plant – Nature and Uses

Origin of Chia plant

Chia plant had been grown in Mexico long ago, and now, it’s popular in Guatemala, Bolivia, and even in Australia.

Over 4000 years, the Chia plant was grown in South and Central America, and it’s one of the most important staples of Aztec, Mayans, Incas, and co.

The European food safety authority dealt with the use of the grain since 2009 and paved the way in the EU.

The commercial cultivation of the Chia plant takes place today in South and Central America, as well as in Australia.


How to grow chia plant

How to grow Chia plants

Chia plants can be grown both indoor and outdoor, however, it needs a rich soil, direct sunlight but warm environment and should be watered regularly in the first days of life.

When these conditions are met, chia seeds can germinate within 2 weeks of planting.

They thrive best in the tropics or subtropics, also at high altitudes.


Nature of Chia plants

Chia plants, which by the way are related to the Sage, are up to two meters high, and violet bloom from July to August.

Chia plant is only a few millimeters wide, glossy white or brown seed capsules and the leaves can be eaten fresh or when dried.

Chia doesn’t only make the stomach full, the grains also give stamina, mental and physical strength.

The seed in grooves is applied by means of large sowing machines, the seed pods (Kalix), using are harvested in November using an harvesting machine.

After a thorough cleaning, the valuable grain is exported around the world.

The Chia plant overcomes even barren, nutrient-poor soils and endures longer drying times.

Chia plant loves regular watering, however without waterlogging.

In the spring, the seed is placed in pots one after the other and only barely covered in soil.

When the plants are about 5 cm high, you can transfer the plant to your garden or farm.

Insects avoid the Chia plant largely so that you can grow it pesticide-free and organic without problems.

Your chia plants will start flowering in early or mid-September, then approximately 45 (frost-free!) Days.

Now, the time is ripe to pick the flower heads and gently shake out the seeds.


Chia plant uses

Chia plant is edible, both the leaves and seeds can be processed and eaten without health issues, but like other plants, it should be in moderation.

Chia leveas are used as a vegetable, alternative to spinach and as salad in any food you can enjoy with salads.

Chia plants and seeds are rich in fiber, protein, antioxidants and fatty acids.