Devil’s Claw Root Benefits for Horses

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Devil’s claw is a medicinal plant with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects for both man and other animals.

The other time, we talked about the health benefits of devil’s claw on dogs, it’s important to know that it also has positive effects on horses.

Devil’s claw can be used in treating osteoarthritis, arthritis and pains, especially on knee and ankle joints.

It can also relieve the horse from muscular pains after long work.


Devil’s Claw Anti-inflammatory Effects in Horses

Devil’s claw is also good source of antiinflammatory supplements for horses and can be used with turmeric powder, and other natural extracts from yucca, White willow , Kava Kava, Anthemis Nobilis and others.

Some of these extracts are available as cream, powder, or pill which you can get over the counter or on ecommerce sites online.

Due to its antiinflammatory effects, it helps preventing the degradation of articulatar cartilage in horses, so also the protein depleting enzymes can be inhibited.

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For the effects to be observed on the horse, you’ve to use devil’s claw extracts consistently on any of the issue affecting the animal.

Let’s say for at least 5 weeks. Then, you can begin to expect improvement on joint problem and pains.


Devil’s Claw for treating Horse’s Laminitis

Laminitis is one common problem affecting horses. It usually caused trauma as a result of much running and jumping activities of the horse, causing stress to the soft tissue in between the pedal bone and the wall of the foot’s hoof.

Devil’s claw is a natural remedy to reduce the inflammation at the laminae, help the horse in growing new hoof and recover from the pain and instability.

After some weeks, you can begin to take your horse on workouts slowly.


Devil’s Claw for indigestion and Loss of Appetite

Devil’s claw don’t only help fighting inflammation at the joints, it also has bitter substances that could increase the gastric juice and stimulate bile juice production.

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It help in better digestion and improving horse’s appetite.

Devil’s claw root can be processed into powder, cream, pellets or liquid for horses and the active ingredients such as Harpogoside and Beta sitosterol, and ingredients from other additives can help improving the health of horses and other similar animals like goat and dogs.

Since devil’s claw is healthy for both man and animals, however, you should only use the root extracts made only for horses.

You should also follow the instruction on the package religiously or consult your veterinary doctor, especially a specialist on horses and mammals.

devil's claw root benefits for horses

Devil’s claw dosage for Horses

For horses, 20 to 30g of dried or/and ground devil’s claw root is recommended daily because it taste bitter and the horse may even lose appetite sooner or later.

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You can also encourage it by mixing it with tasteful meal.


Possible Side effects of Devil’s Claw for Horses

However, devil’s claw should not be used for pregnant mares and also pregnant women since this can cause interaction and side effects.

It is also advised that the extracts should not be given to horses preparing for races and competition within four days of the event.

Since the Devil’s Claw is not intended for permanent medication, although positive effects are usually observed after the first one to three months, the attention of the vet doctor should be called if the symptoms do not improve significantly after five to seven weeks.

Having said that, devil’s claw can be used consistently for a period of six months depending on the health issue affecting the horses and the size of the animal.

But over time, consistent dosage may cause mucosal irritation to the horses.