Castration in Farm Animals – Methods & Importance

September 15, 2021 Admin

What is Castration in farm Animals? Castration of farm animals is the act of removing the animal’s gonads – removal or disruption of the testes or/and the crushing of the spermatic cord to prevent the animal from breeding, this is Read more…

Disbudding & Dehorning Methods and Importance

September 10, 2021 Admin

What is Dehorning? Dehorning is the prevention of the growth of horns or the total removal of horns from cattle, goats, and other animals having horns on their heads. Similarly, disbudding is a related term that simply means the removal Read more…

Animal identification System and Importance

July 10, 2021 Admin

From time immemorial, people have devised different methods of identifying their animals. The animal identification system stems from finding a way to differentiate your animals from others. However, animal identification is now scientifically more important even if your animals are Read more…

Rabbit foods, vegetables and fruits

Foods, Fruits and Vegetables For Rabbits

April 5, 2021 Admin

To raise healthy rabbits, then you need to offer them a balanced diet In today’s article, you will learn what to feed rabbits, rabbit pellets ingredients, best rabbit feed formula how to feed the little rabbits properly. Rabbits that are Read more…

Factors affecting soil bacteria population

Factors Affecting Soil Bacteria Population

August 5, 2021 Admin

What is Soil Bacteria? Soil bacteria are of the plant classification and a subdivision of the soil microorganism. Bacteria are single-cell organisms that are more numerous in the soils and they are very important in various soil processes. Soil bacteria Read more…

What is the origin of Fenugreek - Trigonella foenum-graecum

What is Fenugreek – Origin and History

July 5, 2021 Admin

What is Fenugreek? Fenugreek is an annual plant and herb that has been in use for millennia. Fenugreek belongs to the family Fabaceae and the scientific name is Trigonella foenum-graecum. Since ancient times, the fenugreek is grown and used both Read more…

Waterleaf Cultivation, Uses and Benefits

June 25, 2021 Admin

Waterleaf, the scientific name Talinum fruticosum or Talinum triangulare is an herbaceous plant. It possibly originated from Central Africa or South America. Waterleaf belongs to Family – Portulacaceae, and it’s a perennial plant.   Waterleaf Cultivation Waterleaf is grown as Read more…

Seed Structure and Functions

June 20, 2021 Admin

What is a Seed simple definition? A seed is a fertilized ovule (the unit of reproduction) containing an embryonic plant. Seeds develop from fertilized ovules that have undergone growth and development. The food required for the development of the ovule Read more…

E. Colibacillosis Disease in Pigs and Treatment

July 15, 2021 Admin

Bacterial and parasitic infections are common in a piggery. Diarrhea is usually a common symptom of most of these diseases, however diarrhea caused by the bacterium Escherichia coli is the most common cause of death in piglets. It usually causes Read more…

Selecting Rabbits for Mating and Breeding

May 30, 2021 Admin

Rabbit farming is a very profitable business, no doubt about this. To increase your productivity, however, breeding is a fulcrum of successful rabbit rearing. Rabbit breeding has seasons – you can start planning to mate your rabbit as early as Read more…

Methods of fruit and seed dispersal

Methods of Seed and Fruit Dispersal

May 5, 2021 Admin

Why is Seed Dispersal Important? When flowering is over and the fruits and seeds ripen, they fall from the parent plant to the ground. The number of seeds produced by a single plant is often very large. However, most of Read more…

Malignant Oedema symptoms and treatment

Malignant Oedema Treatment in Pigs

April 20, 2021 Admin

In pig production, care must be taken in preventing disease outbreaks. There are quite a number of bacterial and fungal diseases affecting pigs. One of the bacterial diseases in swine is Malignant Oedema, its scientific name is Gangrenous Septicaemia Braxy. Read more…