Do Siamese Cats Shed a lot of Hair or Not

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Cats Shedding

Many cat parents don’t love to keep cats that shed a lot because of the required grooming and care, their fur, and dander that can cause allergies.

First, do you believe there are cat breeds that do not shed at all, usually referred to as hypoallergenic cats?

No, the concept of hypoallergenic cats is a bit of a myth. All cats shed their fur, it’s a natural behavior, but the rate differs.



Do Siamese Cats Shed?

Siamese cats have short, fine coats that shed moderately. If we go by the concept of hypoallergenic cat breeds, Siamese cats don’t shed much and are perfect for those with allergies.

However, there is a misconception that short-haired cat breeds don’t shed, while cats with dense furs shed.

Siamese cats shed their furs like other breeds, the short hair they have only makes their shedding less and also less noticeable, unlike long-haired cats.

Irrespective of the cat breed you keep, grooming is very important. Brushing your Siamese cat’s coat 2 times a week can help reduce the shedding.

During the shedding seasons, usually during spring and fall, you should brush their coats 3 to 4 times a week to remove the broken hairs from their skin.

How much and long do Siamese cats shed


How much do Siamese Cats shed?

Like I said, Siamese cats don’t shed a lot of hair, however, If you don’t groom your furry friend regularly, especially during the shedding seasons mentioned earlier, you can be surprised to see the amount of furs and dander in your apartment.

Siamese cats shed moderately. Other short-haired cat breeds like the Burmese, Cornish Rex, and the Devon Rex don’t shed much.



Why do some Siamese cats shed so much?

Some cat lovers have become worried about Siamese cats shedding longer than expected. There are different mixes of Siamese cats, therefore, some Siamese mix cats can shed much.

Long-haired Siamese cats can also shed more than short-haired varieties.

Other factors determine how long Siamese cats shed and how much furs they shed throughout the year.

If your Siamese cats lack essential nutrients in their diet, they shed much.

Siamese cats are indoor pets, but If you keep them indoors always, and your home is cool, they may not follow a natural shedding schedule.

If you don’t brush their furs and care for their skin, they may shed so much.




Siamese cats don’t shed much provided you get a pure breed, offer a balanced diet to them, and groom them properly.

For grooming, get a good slicker brush designed for short-haired cats, and use long strokes against the direction of the cat’s hair growth to gather as much fun as possible.

You should also use grooming gloves with rubber nubs or a vacuum cleaner if your cat is not worried about its sound and sensation.

Another tool to have is a furminator to remove loose hair from your Siamese cat’s coat.

To reduce the work, you can use shedding control shampoos when bathing your Siamese cats to promote healthy skin and fur and also help reduce shedding.