Getting Rid of allergies & Choosing Hypoallergenic Cats

While there are many pet lovers out there who would love to own a cat, they are unable to do so due to their allergies.

Some who’re not allergic to dogs find out they become allergic to cats even when they weren’t before.

There are several questions from the huge population of those who suffer from allergies. Let’s clear some doubts here.

It is possible to be allergic to cats and not dogs. The degree of allergy can vary from one cat species to another or from one furred mammal to another.

The reason is that, while the protein causing this allergy is similar, the amount in the body and the skin of the pets are not the same.

The allergic reaction is caused by the element Fel D1 which is present in the cat’s hair and saliva.

Since cats constantly shed hair, people who are allergic to the cat’s hair will find themselves in a messy situation with a room full of cat hair.

However, you can still own cats if you’re allergic to them because there’s a possibility of cat allergies going away with your exposure to them and the adaptation of the body to build immunity against the allergic reaction.

While this might not be the best way to get rid of cat allergies or keep them down permanently, you can get better when you use some cat allergy medicines you can get over the counter.

Benadryl, Claritin, Zyrtec, Flonase, Nasoney are antihistamines you can give to your cat for allergies.

You can also use bronchodilators and nasal sprays.

If you would like to avoid risks and save yourself from stress in trying to reduce allergies in cats naturally, and permanently, there are some Hypoallergenic cats that do not trigger any kind of allergies in humans.

How to treat cat allergies at home

The most common hypoallergenic cats are as follows:

Devon Rex Cats

Devon Rex cats are hypoallergenic, have extra-large ears, and have an adjusting personality.

It loves to have fun and is social. Devon Rex is slightly on the naughtier side but is loyal towards the owner.

This makes the cat’s personality extremely attractive.

Our findings showed that Devon Rex is mostly popular in Canada, Australia, while US and UK are coming behind.

However, you can talk to breeders who offer Devon Rex for sale in Melbourne, Alberta, Montreal, Perth, Queensland to order a kitten.

You can buy Devon Rex hypoallergenic cats online from popular stores or local stores.

The sale’s price range can be wide because of several factors but you’ll get it between $700 and $1000 and the price for adoption costs about $100.


Siberian Cats

The Siberian cat also has extremely low levels of Fel D1, making it one of the best options for people with allergies.

Siberian cats are common in households in Texas, Georgia, California, New Jersey, Chicago, Kentucky, and others.

These cats are strong and athletic. They are one of the smartest among the cats, making them a sociable breed even with other pet animals.

Siberian cat breeders, however, charge a little high price when contacted.

Siberian kittens listed for sale in some US cities and states when checked are usually over $1000.

Siberian cats for sale here in Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Boston, Louisville, Wisconsin, Ohio, Maryland, Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Edmonton, Essex, Edinburgh are between $1000 and $1500


Sphynx Cats

Sphynx hypoallergenic cat is one of the most popularly chosen cats by pet lovers who suffer from allergies.

Sphynx cat is one of the first hair breeds to come without any hair.

The sphynx does not have fur-like hair, unlike the other cats, which makes it easier to groom too.

Sphynx cats demand is high now in Birmingham- Alabama, El Paso, Fishers -Indiana, Denver, Grand rapids not, Nebraska, Philadelphia, Rhode Island, just to mention a few.

With Sphynx, there is no problem with hair shedding.

The price range of Sphynx kitten is usually between $800 and $1200 in San Antonio, Vermont, Rockford IL, Worcester MA.

Also, you can adopt a kitten for about $130 or a little more depending on the medical treatment the kitten has been given.


Balinese Cats

While the Balinese cat comes with a lot of furs, it is a good choice among hypoallergenic cats.

The fur coat of the cat is extremely silky. With lush hair, the Balinese cat looks majestic and royal.

Balinese cats don’t have huge followers yet in the US, but people are now looking to buy them from Brisbane, Phoenix, Tampa, Winnie, Minnesota, New York, and Pittsburgh.

If you want to have a cat with fluffy hair, but does not give you allergies, then this is the one to go for.

Also, we find Balinese, not expensive and affordable for most people. You can get a seller near you with under $1000 price tag if you’re buying a kitten.


Bengal Cats

The Bengal Cat has a lesser Fel D1 element in its body which makes it an ideal hypoallergenic cat for allergic patients.

If you’re in Rochester, NY, Kansas, Oklahoma, Vancouver, Raleigh NC, Maine, Virginia, Missouri, Kansas, or Mississippi, you can order Bengal kitten at a discount on our store.

Bengal cat has a wild-like appearance and has a huge fan following in Knoxville, Gloucestershire, fourth Lauderdale, Idaho, San Jose, Dallas, and Evansville which has started to grow recently.

Possibly because Bengal hypoallergenic cats also shed less hair, making it easier on the grooming part for busy workers who’re cat lovers.

A Bengal cats can be priced at $1200 in Devon and Cornwall, Delaware, Appleton, Bristol, Bowling green Des Moines, or more depending on where you buy it and the care is given to the pet.

You can ask a few sellers near you to compare prices, ask questions before buying.


Cornish Rex Cats

The Cornish Rex, unlike the other cats, does not have guard hair. This ensures that they do not shed hair often.

Additionally, the grooming time will also be reduced and this could be one of the reasons pet owners who don’t usually stay at home to care for their pets love this breed.

It can be found more in households in Alberta, Auckland, Cornwall, San Diego, Glasgow, Gold Coast, Tennessee, Gauteng, Utah, and others

The Cornish Rex comes with soft hair, which is curved too. This signature hair makes the cat look attractive and magnificent.

Cornish Rex is cheap also, most sellers in Los Angeles, Massachusetts, Oregon, South Carolina, Washington state offer Cornish Rex kittens less than $900


Russian Blue Cats

The Russian Blue hypoallergenic cats come with an unnatural blue coat which makes them unique.

The green eyes complement the overall look of the cat.

The Russian Blue is also social which makes it a great option for a pet cat.

Many households in Colorado, Charlotte, Chicago, Orlando, Forth Worth, Brooklyn now adopt Russian blue as their pet cat.

While the Fel D1 levels of Russian Blue cats are considerably low, the fur coat is rather thick.

This fur coat helps in securing all the allergens which are surrounded by the cat, allowing the surrounding air to be clean and free.

This helps in circulating air that is free from allergens.

The average price to get a Russian blue kitten is $600, an affordable hypoallergenic cat, and suitable to be your loving pet cat.

However, when checked, the Russian Blue price margin can be wide when compared from New Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Jacksonville, Greenville, Akron Ohio, Las Vegas, Louisiana to other places.


Javanese Cats

The Javanese cat breed belongs to the Siamese cat breed, along with a mix of several other breeds.

They are social and love to be around humans. Just like pet dogs, the Javanese cats like to stay around its owner.

It is advisable to keep the cat away from the sleeping area, as the hair deposits can trigger allergies.

Javanese kittens for sale in Ohio, Florida, Michigan, California is around $700.