How to Choose Stroller for Dogs with Arthritis or Can’t Walk

Assisted walking aids for Dogs with Arthritis

Arthritis can be very painful for dogs, and it can aggravate if you don’t know how to accommodate your dog with arthritis.

However, dogs can live a happy life with arthritis if diagnosed early and treatments are given.

It’s not a good idea for dogs with arthritis to go for walks, hence, pet strollers or wagons are commonly used to take disabled dogs on a walk, and for transport.

There are several benefits of wagon strollers for dogs, and yes, you should put your pup and old dogs in the stroller because they love riding in it.

To make your dogs with mobility issues comfortable in a wagon stroller or any other type of stroller, choose the best one that fits your dog’s needs.


How to Choose the Best Wagons for Arthritis?

There are tens of features to consider when you’re about to purchase the best-fit stroller wagon as an assisted walking device for dogs.

There are some dog wagons with canopy, which is good to protect your dog from harsh weather, some wagons have ramps for stairs, good for old dogs and dogs with arthritis.

Some dog wagons are best for canines with arthritis in the back legs, pet strollers with removable carriers, wagons to ride in or pull along, etc.

Here are the things to look for when buying a dog wagon stroller for your furry friend.

Best dog stroller for walking

Size matters

There are small, medium, large, and extra-large pet strollers, so you need to make sure you choose them right.

Choose a medium-sized dog stroller for medium dogs, and a large wagon to accommodate your large senior dog.

Your dog should be able to sit or lie down comfortably, and I trust you don’t want your dog that’s already having problems standing or walking to feel cramped and uncomfortable in its wagon.


Weight of the Wagon vs. Weight of your dog

Confirm the weight capacity of the stroller wagon you want to go for and make sure it can safely support your dog’s weight and move comfortably with it.


Wagon Wheels

Look for a wagon with large, sturdy wheels that can handle rough terrains, such as gravel or uneven ground.

Air-filled tires may provide a smoother ride for your dog.



If your canine friend has severe arthritis, you should purchase a wagon with the suspension to help absorb bumps and shocks while moving with it.


Comfortability of the stroller

Choose a wagon with a soft, padded bottom to provide your dog with comfort and support.

You may also want to consider a wagon with a canopy or cover to protect your dog from the sun or rain.


Accessibility of the Wagon

Look for a stroller wagon that is easy for your dog to get in and out of. A ramp or low entry point may be helpful.


Controlling the stroller

Make sure the wagon is easy for you to steer and maneuver, especially if you plan to use it in crowded or tight spaces.



A pet wagon stroller can be a great option to strengthen dogs’ legs with arthritis while on treatment or recovering. This way, you give your arthritic dog some mobility and independence while still keeping them safe and comfortable.

While a dog stroller is not only used for the arthritic dogs, what’s most important is to choose the one that suits your dog’s condition and needs.