Can I use Aquaphor on Dog Paws, Skin, Eyes, Nose or Ears

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What is Aquaphor?

If you have raised your kids in Europe or America, there are chances you have used or seen someone using Aquaphor on their baby’s skin.

Aquaphor is a popular skin care product, and healing ointment that is primarily used to moisturize and protect babies’ dry, chapped, and irritated skin.

Not only is this product used for babies, but there is also Aquaphor healing ointment used for minor open wounds such as abrasion and bruises, and made for all age groups.



Why do dogs like Aquaphor?

Dogs are attracted to the good smell of Aquaphor, and it does taste good in their mouth.

Also, dogs are usually found licking their wounds for self-healing, using their teeth to bite their skin when itching or having any sensation, and with Aquaphor application, your dog would like to smell and lick it.



Is Aquaphor Poisonous to Dogs?

No, Aquaphor can be used safely on a dog’s itchy skin. The major ingredient is petrolatum (petroleum jelly), similar to Vaseline, and also contains other ingredients such as bisabolol, ceresin, lanolin, glycerin, mineral oil, panthenol, etc.

Aquaphor creates a protective layer on your dog’s skin, preventing moisture loss and promoting natural healing, therefore, it can be used on dog wounds safely.

Can Aquaphor be used on dogs, yes, it is good

Can you put Aquaphor on Dog’s paws and pads?

One of the areas ecto parasites usually hide, and bite dogs is their paws. There are other areas such as ears, pads, and bums where dogs can have wounds.

Yes, Aquaphor can be used on dogs’ paws and pads to fasten healing and help them work comfortably again.



Can you use Aquaphor on Dog’s Eyes, Nose, and Ears?

If your dog has dermatitis or inflammation of the skin, you can rub Aquaphor gently on the hot spots.

Aquaphor can also be used on your dog’s bum, raw skin, and dry skin areas.

While it is generally used for a dog’s itchy skin, you can use it around your dog’s eyes, nose, and ears like Vaseline.



Is Aquaphor safe for dogs to lick?

While Aquaphor is not toxic to dogs when used on their skin, it is not safe for dogs with sensitive skin, and this ointment should not be used on hotspots for a long period.

Also, it is not good for dogs to lick Aquaphor because some of the ingredients found in Aquaphor such as lanolin alcohol can cause harm if ingested.

Dogs with lanolin allergy or react to some of the ingredients in this product may not be able to use it.



My dog ate Aquaphor, any problem?

There is nothing much to worry about if your dog accidentally eats Aquaphor healing ointment for babies or adults.

However, ingesting large amounts of Aquaphor could cause stomach pain, diarrhea, and vomiting in dogs.

In such cases, help your canine to drink more water to keep hydrated, and adjust her food to include lean meat and a bland diet.

You can also use Immodium and Pepto Bismol to stop the diarrhea. If the gastrointestinal issue is not resolved within 24 hours, you should consult your doctor immediately for help.




Aquaphor is not only ok for dogs, it can also be used on cats. There is no risk when they lick and groom themselves after applying Aquaphor to their skin.

There is only a risk when they ingest large amounts, which may lead to digestive disturbances or mild toxicity.

Before you use Aquaphor, make sure your dog is not sensitive or allergic to any of the ingredients mentioned above.

You can test a small amount on a small area of your dog’s skin before applying it more extensively.

There are also moisturizers, paw balms, and skin care products specifically formulated for pets’ skin dryness, hot spots, cracked skin, and wounds.