Is Aquaphor Safe for Cat Eyes, Ears, Paws and when Ingested

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If you are searching for what to put on your cat’s wound to help heal fast, Aquaphor is a good moisturizer for cats.

While Vaseline or petroleum jelly is a common skin care product pet parents use on their cat’s crusty nose, eyes, peeling paw pad, and scaly elbows, Aquaphor is a better home remedy for cat itchy skin and wounds.

Aquaphor is a widely known skin care product used for moisturizing and protecting babies’ skin but also used for pets.



Can I put Aquaphor on a cat’s wound?

Yes, you can use Aquaphor or Vaseline on a cat’s wound without any issue.

Petroleum jelly and other ingredients in this product help promote healing and create a protective layer on your cat’s skin.

It keeps your cat’s tissue and skin soft and prevents bacteria from causing an infection on its wound.

Can Aquaphor be used on dogs, yes, it is good


Is Aquaphor safe for cats?

Yes, Aquaphor is safe for cats to use. This healing ointment is safe for cats and won’t harm them if they lick it.

Your cat can digest Aquaphor and expel it when they lick the small amount applied to their body.

It’s ok to apply Aquaphor on your cat’s paws, pads, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and any other places where they have cracked skin, red skin, or wounds.

However, you should have it in mind that cats with sensitive skin might not react well to Aquaphor.

Also, cats are more prone to allergic reactions than dogs, therefore, Aquaphor may not be suitable for cats with lanolin allergy. This is one of the reasons Vaseline is usually preferred for cats than Aquaphor.

Note: Vaseline and Aquaphor are not the same, and while Aquaphor is more effective than Vaseline for pets, Vaseline can be safer when safety is prioritized.



Is there any problem if my Cats lick Aquaphor?

In case your cat accidentally ingests a small amount of Aquaphor, there’s no need to panic. It shouldn’t cause any problems.

Aquaphor is free from Nickel, Gluten, Paraben, preservatives, and chemicals that commonly cause allergies in pets. Cats and dogs can use Aquaphor without any issue.

If your cat consumes a large amount of this product, she can experience mild symptoms like stomach upset, diarrhea, or vomiting for a few hours, especially for kittens and growing cats.

If such a situation arises, make sure your cat takes a lot of fluid and takes some foods to lower its effect.




Aquaphor is safe and good for cats. Considering their digestive system, sensitive skin, and possible lanolin alcohol allergy, you can opt for Vaseline for mild wounds and irritated skin.