Highlander Miniature Cattle (Cow)

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What is a Miniature Highland (Highlander) Cow?

A miniature highlander cow, also referred to as a highland miniature cow is a smaller breed of the traditional Scottish highland cattle breed, usually crossbred with dwarf cattle breeds like chondro Dexter.

Mini highland cattle have become popular for their unique appearance and medium sizes in recent years, giving owners more sense of care, like pets.

However, considering the height, weight, and horns of mini highland cows, are they miniature?, No. The term miniature is not befitting for medium-size cows.

There are even micro mini and teacup mini highland cows now in the market with a little difference to the classic miniature highlander cattle.

In most cases, these cattle referred to as micro or teacup miniature highlander cattle have defects, or are not fed properly which makes them small sizes.

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Highland miniature cow characteristics

Characteristics of Mini Highland Cows

Size and Weight

As I’ve said, these cattle are bred to be smaller than standard Scottish highland cattle.

A full-grown mini highland cow typically grows up to 42 inches when measured from the shoulder, making it much smaller in size than standard Highland cattle.

A traditional highland cow is medium in size and can reach over 50 inches at the shoulder.

Mini Highlander cow weighs between 1000 and 1500 pounds on average, the same as Highlander cow.



This breed or variety, as it should be better called, resembles the standard Scottish Highland in appearance.

They are known for their distinctive shaggy, long-haired coats, which help them adapt to colder climates.

Their coats can come in various colors, including red, black, dun, and yellow.


Highland Temperament

Highlander miniature cattle are often prized for their docile and gentle temperament.

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With mini highland’s medium size, they are easy to handle, which makes them suitable for small farms and beginner herders.



There is no special treatment or breeding, miniature highland is just like the classic highland.

You should be careful with its selection, so you don’t buy poor highland cow as a mini breed.

Highland miniature cows are well-suited to rugged and hilly terrain. Their thick coats provide insulation against harsh weather conditions, reducing the need for extensive shelter in cold climates.

However, regular grooming may be necessary to prevent their long hair from matting.

Again, most of the mini highland cattle are either poorly bred, malnourished, or their ages are misrepresented.

Therefore, you should give proper veterinary care to them. Let them take their vaccines at the due time, deworm, and feed them properly to stay healthy. Hoof care is also important.

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What mini highland cows are good for?

These miniature cows can serve various purposes on your farm.

They are primarily raised for beef production, and their meat is known for its quality.

Due to their medium size, they require less feed and space than full-sized cattle, making them more manageable for smaller properties. Some people also keep them as pets or for ornamental purposes due to their unique appearance.



In the real sense, miniature Highlander cattle as a breed is just a fad. A purebred Scottish highland cattle is not small in size.

However, any Scottish highland cattle that is small in size is usually represented as a miniature breed to increase its market value.