Is Skippy Peanut Butter Spread Safe for Dogs

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Skippy peanut butter

Skippy is a US brand of peanut butter spread, owned by Hormel Foods Corporation.

It was acquired by Hormel Foods in 2013, and it’s one of the most popular peanut butter brands in the US, china, and other countries.

Skippy peanut butter spread is primarily made from roasted peanut and hydrogenated veggie oil but also contains saturated fats, sodium, sugar, and salt.

Skippy peanut butter is commonly used as a spread for sandwiches, as an ingredient in baking and cooking recipes, or simply enjoyed straight from the jar.

Is Skippy peanut butter spread safe for dogs to eat


Is Skippy Peanut Butter Safe for Dogs?

There are different varieties of Skippy peanut butter available today, so the safety for dogs is relative, and depends on the variety you choose.

Yes, most Skippy peanut butter varieties are safe for dogs as they are free from eggs, cholesterol, trans fat, xylitol, flavors, and preservatives.

However, with sugar, salt, and other ingredients that are not healthy for dogs, this butter spread should not be in your dog’s daily diet.

Skippy peanut butter no sugar added variety, Skippy natural peanut butter, or blended with plant protein are safer for making regular dog treats.

Other varieties are Skippy chocolate peanut butter, and peanut butter roasted with honey which should be offered to dog pets in moderation.

Skippy peanut butter balls and bites should be given to dogs as occasional snacks treat. Including the creamy (smooth), chunky, and super or extra crunchy peanut butter spread.




While peanut butter itself is not toxic to dogs, commercially produced peanut butter is far different from homemade peanut butter.

Commercially produced peanut butter such as from Skippy can be more nutritious, but also contain ingredients that pets such as dogs or cats can react to in the long run when consumed excessively.

When offering Skippy protein peanut butter to your dog, make sure you buy the one blended with plant protein and has low fats.

Skippy natural peanut butter is by far the best option, and should offer it in small amounts, and as an occasional treat, as too much can lead to digestive upset or contribute to weight gain.