Impacts of Led Lights in Vertical Farming of Crops & Yields

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In the past decade, Some wealthy farmers have started building vertical farms and growing fruits and vegetables with artificial lighting.

These led strip lights help in providing energy, among others.

Ever since vertical farming has been introduced for growing both fruits and vegetables, along with the popularity, the advantages of LED lights have started to increase.

Due to this fact, they became the popular choice for vertical farming.

Although vertical farming, which is also called city or urban farming is capital intensive since it involves technology setup, it’s profitable as well.

Since farmers can produce healthier and pesticide-free agricultural produce and maximize yields.


Led Lights and Vertical Farming

Since there is an increase in the demand for foods as the growth in population is rising fast, the concept of developing vertical farms and growing crops is now embraced than ever before.

This modern system of farming uses low voltage grow Blue light, which is for vegetation and flowering it with red led light.

This modern type of farming will help in a long way in achieving global food security.

As we erect more building structures and industries on our land, it poses great threats to global food supply.

However, vertical farming will enable us grow more foods with less space.

This can be said to be one of the solutions to the challenges of food insecurity if we could advance this and lessen production costs.

In vertical farming system, all the existing conditions of the crops like the climate, nutrition, light, water etc can be controlled which can affect the crop’s growth.

With LED lights in place, there are different light combinations available that will be suitable for the crops.

These combinations will include a variety of lighting hours, intensity and spectrum of light.

So the optimal combination can be used for the particular crop which will increase its production.

The water used can also be re-used here. Since there are no external influences in vertical farming like the insects and pests, there is no need for pesticides or harmful chemicals.

With the right light combination, the farm can be made sterile and free from these external factors.

With LED lights in vertical farming, the suitable temperature for the crop which will allow the growth of the crop in ideal conditions can be regulated.

What is vertical farming and how it works

The indoor set-up of Vertical Farming Lighting

In the exterior set-up, the climate and nature will vary and it can not be controlled by us.

There will unexpected changes in humidity and temperature depending on the regions.

The vegetables and fruits are accommodated for particular climates and temperatures.

If there are any kinds of unpredictable changes in this condition, it will affect the growth of the crops.

At times, it is even possible that the crops can be destroyed altogether.

But with the presence of LED lights in vertical farming, the ideal temperature and climate which is suitable for the growing conditions can be brought.

This set-up can even be changed and maintained depending on each crop.

While certain crops like spinach will require a less humid temperature and paddy might require a warm climate, the LED light combinations can be altered accordingly to bring the climate and temperature close to the natural one.

The voltage can also be considered while choosing the led lights for any specific crop before planting.

Red and blue light are often combined which gives the purple color and some indoor agriculturist believe purple light is the best while green led light is not effective for the growth of the crops.

But there are also some cases like the red cabbage, which loses its bright red color when grown in the vertical farming set-up with LED lights as compared to the exterior one.

When the LED lights are focused on red cabbages, they undergo pressure, which tends them to lose the red color.

Through constant research, the ideal conditions of different vegetables and fruits can be identified and maintained with the help of LED lights.


What about Nitrates Produced?

Many have been discussing the impacts of nitrates on human health.

These nitrates gained from vegetables are feared to have a negative impact on health as high concentration of nitrite can damage cells.

It can also cause problem in oxygen transportation in the bloodstream of both man and free range livestock when this compound is watched into water bodies.

While this is the case, there are several articles published now, which otherwise state the positive impact of nitrates on human health.

While some point out that the consumption of nitrate can be helpful for cardiovascular patients, many still disbelieve that it has any kind of positive impacts.

The concept of nitrate seems to be debated in consumer’s minds where some prefer to have their food with some nitrate content and the rest do not want any nitrate in their food.

With LED lights in vertical farming, the changes in the nitrate level can be brought in.

The desired level of nitrate can be produced in particular vegetables. Also, the pollution of the environment with inorganic nitrogen fertilizers can be avoided here.