M-Pets Voyager Double Door Dog Crate

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What is M-Pets Voyager Crate

M-Pets Voyager crate is a kennel used to keep pets at home, while travelling or in outdoor.

While Voyager crate can be used for other small pets like cats, it’s specifically made for dog pets.

Voyager folding metal dog crate is used to keep dogs of different sizes.


Types of M-Pets Voyager Dog Crate?

There are Voyager single door folding metal dog crate and double door folding metal crate, both come in different sizes.

Since the 2-door folding dog crate is easier to use for dogs, especially large dogs, it’s most preferred.

The Voyager double door dog crate is a type of dog crate that features two doors – one on the front and one on the side.

This design offers more flexibility for your furry friends and the owner in terms of how your dog can enter and exit the crate.

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Also, since it has 2 doors, you can place the crate in almost any angle or space knowing well the dog will easily enter and exit the crate.


M-Pets Voyager Double door folding metal dog crate

Specs of Voyager Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate

The Voyager double door dog crate is typically made of metal wire, lightweight and easy to fold.

You can fold the double door crate and in it’s original flat size, and keep it in a small space when you don’t need in use.

Voyager folding wire crate has a removable plastic sliding tray that has anti-slip features.

Your dog is safe from falling on the sliding bottom drawer, and you can easily remove it to clean your dog’s poop.

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It has come with lockable cast and bowl, handle and wheels in the pack.

This dog house is perfect for outdoor use in camp, hotel etc.

Voyager dog crate comes in various sizes to accommodate different breeds of dogs and sizes.

It has a small size, large size, extra large and extra extra large size.


How to set up Voyager Dog crate?

Voyager double door dog crate comes with a package box, a manual, and its components.

Before you purchase this pet crate, you should measure the height and length of your pet, and add at least 5 inch to each measurement to know the ideal size you should go for.

It’s very important to determine what crate size is suitable for your bitch, and ensure your dog has enough room to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably.

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Once you’ve purchased the ideal size, check to see the components are complete, then unfold it and add the components manually.

You don’t need an expertise or any special skills to do this, it’s what a dummy can easily do.



Using a dog crate like the Voyager double door dog crate can be beneficial for both you and your dog pet.

For the dog, it can provide a safe and comfortable space where they can retreat and feel secure.

For you, it can help with house training, prevent destructive behavior, and facilitate transportation of the dog.

It’s also important to never use crate as a punishment for your dog or cat pet, and you should gradually introduce your pet to the crate to avoid causing anxiety or stress.