Plastic Barrel Dog house: Homemade Shelter for Pets

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What is Plastic Barrel Dog House?

A plastic barrel dog house is a homemade dog shelter built using a plastic barrel or gallon drum as the base, and sometimes in the body of the pet house.

Plastic barrel dog houses are more durable and weather-resistant than wooden spool dog houses.

Plastic barrels make good dog kennels, and it’s less expensive when compared to industrial dog houses.

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Plastic barrels can hold up harsh weather elements better, therefore, they are easily repurposed to build and design a cozy dog house at home, especially blue plastic barrels that are more durable.


Materials Needed to Make Plastic Barrel Dog Houses?

To make a plastic barrel dog kennel, you will need a plastic barrel, jigsaw or handsaw, drill, screw, sandpaper, roofing sheets, marker, utility knife, and Dog bed or cushion.

Other materials and tools you may need to make your dog house neat, comfortable, and durable are:

  • Bubble wrap or reflective foil to insulate the plastic barrel dog house.
  • Door flap to open and close the dog house
  • Hinges to join the door to the drum
  • Lock for the safety of your dog’s kennel

Blue Plastic barrel dog house

How to Make Plastic Barrel Dog House?

Find a plastic gallon drum that’s not in use again. Make sure the size corresponds to the size of your pet.

Barrel small size is not common, and you can make do with any drum size you get, your dog would only find enough space to sleep and play inside.

Clean the barrel from any debris, germs, or harmful chemicals, disinfect it, and keep it for a while before you start construction of the dog house.

Mark a round or square entrance of the house on the barrel with a marker and cut using a jigsaw or handsaw to create the opening.

Make sure the door entrance is large enough for your dog to enter and exit comfortably.

Sand the edges of the opening to remove any roughness or burrs, and prevent injuries to your dog.

Drill ventilation holes into the sides and roof of the barrel to ensure proper airflow.

Build legs for the barrel or place it on a wooden stand that can prevent the barrel from rolling. Also, a dog house should not be placed on the floor.

You can attach a roofing material to the top of the barrel to provide shelter from harsh elements.

If you live in an area with extreme temperatures, you can add insulation materials like polystyrene foam to the dog house to help keep your dog warm in cold weather.

You can even use old blankets or towels to keep your dogs warm.

Also, add bedding inside the barrel kernel to create a comfortable space for your canine.

You can add a door flap to the entrance of the dog house to keep out the wind and rain.

You can make a flap from any material that can withstand the weather, such as vinyl or canvas.

For security, you can add a lock to the dog house, you can install hinges and a lock. Make sure the lock is secure and cannot be easily broken.

Your plastic barrel dog house is now ready for your dog, and you can customize it the way you like.