Your cat’s stare and Meow & their Meanings

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At times you would have noticed your cat vacantly staring into something and then meowing continuously.

While it might seem strange, this behavior is common with cats.

In most cases, cats meow at humans. This is because they are trying to say something.

This behavior will not be the same when cats are trying to communicate with other fellow cats.

So, what is the reason behind this strange behavior?


Reasons cats stare at you and Meow 

When your cat is trying to communicate with you, then she will do it by meowing at you.

This behavior is only towards humans. When cats are trying to communicate with other cats, they never meow.

Instead, they communicate with each other with the help of body language, expressions, scent etc.

So, when your cat is staring and then meow, it means that your cat is trying to say something to you as this behavior is directed only towards humans.

Now that the reason is established, how do we find out the meaning behind the meow?

For identifying that, we should first know the type of meows.


Types of Cat’s  Meow

Knowing why your cat is meowing is important as sometimes, it might be because the cat is sick or in pain.

Since cats meow in various tones and in various ranges, it is easy to identify the various types of cat meows.


  • Your cat may want to just greet you 

When your cat is just giving a small meow then it means that it is greeting you.

This meow will be high in number when you see your cat after a break or at the end of the day. It will show excitement in its meow.


  • Your cat may be demanding foods 

When your cat wants food, then it will be pleased with the meow.

The meow for requesting food will be like an appeal. This will be somewhere in the mid-pitch range.

When your cat wants your attention or is asking for something in a more demanding way, then it will elongate the meow.

Reasons cats stares and meows

  • Cat is not happy with herself or you

In case your cat is sick or is in pain then it will give a high-pitched meow.

This will also be similar to the case when your cat is angry at you.

So, when your cat is staring at you and meowing, check if it’s a high pitched meow.

It might be pissed with you or it might be irritated with you.

You should also look for the low pitched meow. When you have done something to your cat which has made him displeased then you will get the low-pitch meow.

So if your cat is staring at you and meowing in a low-pitch, then your cat is basically complaining.


Connect with the situation

In most cases, the scenario in which your cat is meowing will differ from one another.

Your cat might stare and give the same meow for various reasons. So it is important to connect with the situation to find out the real reason behind.

Cats generally stare and give higher meows when they are at discomfort, especially while taking them to the veterinarians.

Slight purrs are often connected with the request for food.

If you find your cat staring for no reason and meowing, then it might simply mean that she is doing it to gain your attention.

When you have left your cat alone for a long time or when you have not invested in quality play time with your cat, you can expect this.

There are also chances where your cat might be in heat. This situation is applicable to female cats.

Check for scenarios where your cat is stuck in someplace as this meow will be a calling.