Foods and Fruits Cats can eat to make them Healthy

Let’s look into some healthy foods and fruits for cats and the benefits of including them in your cat’s diets.

cat eating food


Cats are generally carnivorous in nature. So throwing them meat will never be a wrong choice.

You can prepare cooked, baked or roasted chicken breast for your cats and they’re suitable for both adults and senior cats.

Kittens can also feed on chicken broth.

You can feed your cat with chicken everyday but just make it about 15% of the meal and make sure you remove the bones.

To help a cat with kidney disease gaining weight, cooked chicken can also be good food to recover from weight loss.

You can either feed your cat whole chicken or mix it with other ingredients.

Also, be cautious when serving the skin of the chicken to your cat as it may not digest well in her stomach.

The chicken will be a good source of protein for your cat. Make sure that the meat is properly cooked before feeding it to your pet.



This is one of the foods you can give to your feline friend not only because fishes are rich in protein and Omega 3 fatty acids, but also because cats so much like to eat fishes.

They can even hunt for it.

However, some fishes like tuna and salmon are not really healthy for your cats but you can give some of the healthiest fish for cats like cod, flounder or halibut to your feline pet.

Fish based cat food can be fed to both male and female cats only in small quantity since studies have shown that regular intake of fishes contribute to food allergies in cats.

The worst is to give a raw fish to your cat but if well cooked, the thiaminase found in raw fishes which could break down vitamin B in cats would be rendered less effective in breaking the essential thiamine nutrient in cats.

So, fill your pet’s diet with fish. Make sure the fish is properly cooked and spend some time in picking the bones so they don’t get dislodged in your cat throat.

If you’re going for fish based cat foods that are flavored with other ingredients, make sure it’s in small quantity so as to avoid any health issue.

Also ensure you buy from reputable cat food brand.

If your cat will only want to eat fish flavored cat food, you should start offering her homemade spicy meal or visit your vet if the cat is not eating.


Fish oils

There are various types of fish oil among which you can choose the one your cat likes.

Cod liver oil and Salmon oil are the most popular choices as they are rich in Omega 3.

Fish oil is also one of the essential oils for cats with kidney diseases.

Fish oil as supplement can help brightening your cat’s coat, strengthen immune system and help lessening the symptoms and pain of cat’s arthritis.

Fish oil for cats can help reducing inflammation in cats, help the joint, heart and kidney.

You can buy fish oil products made for cats from petsmart and other pet store or buy human fish oil as both are rich in EPA and DHA fats which are very effective in improving Cat’s health.

It also helps in keeping your cat skin healthy.

Since Omega 3 fatty acids cannot be got from any other food, it is ideal to include fish oil in your cat’s diet in order to improve her diet.


Turkey is referred to as lean meat and rich in protein.

Turkey and duck meats are some of the best calorie sources for cats, especially duck meat which has higher fat content and safer for cats.

Turkey can be a good addition to your cat’s diet but only when it’s well cooked and bones are removed from it before giving to your cat pet.

If there are bones in it, it can get dislodged in the cat’s throat or cause stomach upset.

Also, when your cat is sick after taking turkey meat, this is much likely that the meat is spoiled, raw or not well cooked.

Try giving a small amount of turkey to your cat and see if it can be digested.

Also ensure turkey giblets like heart, gizzards and turkey liver are well cooked before feeding your cat and avoid giving Thanksgiving turkey to your cats.

Since some cats are not used to Turkey, they might not receive it well. You can try mixing it up with some other human food to make it appealing and to enhance the taste.

Some cat owners also observed their feline friend become relaxed when they feed on turkey meat but this calming effect is not yet proven.



Many branded cat foods have oatmeal as an ingredient in them. This is because oatmeal is a good source of energy and it is filled with Vitamins.

You can feed your cat with oat in small quantity and in some days interval.

So also oat tea but not oatmeal made with milk or sugar and Oatmeal cookies are not healthy for cats because of high sugar value.

You can test your cat with small amount of oat meal as many cats will not prefer to have them raw. You can instead use it as a snack.

Oat can also be dried, grinded and added to cat’s bath water as shampoo. Oat bath is safe and healthy for your cat’s body.



Fresh fruits and most leafy vegetables are good for cats when they’re not consumed regularly.

Blueberries are high in fiber and rich in vitamin A and C which can help supplementing your cat’s diet.

You can either give blueberries as a snack or mix it with other food and serve it as a meal.

Strawberries and raspberries can also be given to cats only is small quantity and once in a while to bring varieties to their meal.

However, raw berries may be toxic to cats because of other contents like chemicals and pest which may be part of this, especially their leaves.

Due to the fruity nature of these berries, cats often like them because it’s tasty.

To make it tastier, blueberry yogurt, muffins can be fed to cats.

The only issue here is the cat’s lactose intolerance and too much sugar in their body.

This is the main reasons some advise against its consumption but in small quantity, your cat should be fine.

Unsweetened blueberry yorghut can also help against constipation since probiotics in yorghut help in bowel movement and improving cat’s allergies.

Blueberry yorghut is also one of the foods to give to your cat as natural remedy to stop diarrhea.

Here you need to add it to their meal to make it palatable.



Apples are one amongst the best human food you can give to your cat.

Since they are rich in vitamin C and fiber, it makes your cat healthy.

However, apples should be given to cats with caution.

The ASPCA has classified apple as potentially dangerous to cats.

Always feed plain apple to your cat and make sure the skin is ripped off.

Also, make sure your cats do not eat the seeds.

In addition, apple juice may be too concentrated, contain sugar and additives and are not advised to be given to cats.