Cane Corso Ear Cropping Styles: Clipped Vs. Uncropped Ears

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Cane Corso Ear Cropping

Dog ear cropping is the act of trimming your pup’s ears to minimize the chances of ticks and mites breeding, injuries, and infections that are common to uncropped floppy ears of adult bitches.

Cane Corso natural ears are not standing, but most pet owners don’t crop them because they are floppy, they do because it is good, healthy, and safe to crop their Cane Corso ears.

Also, some pet owners feel Cane Corso with uncropped ears and tails don’t have the frightening look they want as a watchdog.

Overall. Cane Corso ears are better cropped than uncut ears. Maintaining a no-ear-crop has no benefits than not causing pain to your pet (avoidance of animal cruelty)


Types of Ear Cropping for Cane Corso?

There are 4 types of Cane Corso ear cropping styles: Long crop, a short crop, show crop, and battle crop.

Types of ear cropping for Cane Corso

Cane Corso Battle crop style

The battle crop is the best crop for the Cane Corso dog breed. In this style, almost the entire outer ear of the dog is removed, leaving only a small triangular flap at the top of the ear.

When Cane Corso’s ears are clipped in this manner, it makes them look scary, however, ear cropping aftercare is very important to prevent complications.

Also, the clipping of ears should be done by a professional veterinarian.


Short crop

The next the battle crop is the short cropping style, in which the ear is a little longer than the battle crop.

In this style a small part of the dog’s ear is removed, leaving the ears relatively short and close to the head.

This is considered generally safe for dogs as it injuries are not easily sustained in the ear when dogs fight, and it does not give room for parasites to breed in the ear.


Show cropping style

This ear docking style is longer than the short crop and is often seen in dogs that are shown in conformation competitions.

The ears are cut to a length that allows them to stand up straight and tall. Some pet owners feel this style does not take away the natural look and beauty of Cane Corso, and it makes them an alert look.

Show crop requires skills experience, and time to make it perfect and you need an experienced vet doctor to handle this.


Long Crop

In the long cropping style, only a small portion of the dog’s ear is removed. in this style, the dog ears don’t usually stand upright when they grow into a full adults.

Also, the dog’s ears are not usually taped in the cropping aftercare procedures.


Proper Cane Corso Ear Cropping

It is important to note that Cane Corso ear cropping is an elective cosmetic procedure that can be painful and traumatic for the dog.

Therefore, the best time to crop Cane Corso or any other dog breed is when they are 2 to 3 months. This way, you can minimize the risks, and costs, and get the dog to recover and heal better.

However, you should check your state’s animal cruelty laws to know if ear docking is legal and if otherwise, you should leave your Cane Corso without cropped ears.

If this procedure is allowed, you must weigh both the potential risks and benefits before deciding whether or not to have your Cane Corso’s ears cropped.

Also, cropping and posting dog ears take time and is usually completed in 1 to 2 weeks.

Your dog’s movement would have to be restricted, and there would be no bathing or grooming for 2 weeks when the ears would heal completely.