Great Dane Ear Cropping Styles for Dogs

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Great Dane Ear Cropping

Pet ear taping is the process of trimming or cropping animals’ large ears to reduce the risks of injuries, infections or enhance the market value of the animal.

Dog ear cropping is usually done to dog breeds with floppy ears.

Great Dane natural ears are floppy, and most people love dogs with floppy ears but are frightened seeing dogs with pointy or ducked ears, and also ducked tails.

Besides security concerns, Great Dane ear tapping is good, healthy, and safe for this breed provided the ear surgery procedure is performed by a professional dog surgeon or veterinarian.

Overall, Great Dane dogs with clipped ears are better than non-cropped ears.


Great Dane Ear Cropping Styles for Dogs

There are 4 main types of dog ear cropping styles: Short crop, Long crop, and Battle crop. and Show crop.

The battle and the short cropping styles are suitable for male Great Danes while I suggest the Long crop and the Show ear cropping styles for female Great Danes.


Male Great Dane Ear Cropping Styles

The Battle ear crop style

The battle ear crop is the best style for Great Dane dogs, your dog ears are up and pointy.

In this style, most of the outer ear is removed, leaving only a small triangular flap at the top of the ear.

Docking Great Dane ears in this style makes them look frightening to visitors; however, the taping method, processes, and aftercare should be taken handled by experts to prevent complications after the surgery.


Short ear crop style

Another Great Dane ear cropping style for female dogs is the short cropping style. Here, the ear is a little longer than the battle crop.

A small part of the dog’s outer ear is removed, leaving the ears relatively short and close to the head.

This is considered generally safe for Great Danes as injuries are not easily sustained in the ear when dogs fight, and it does not provide room for parasites to breed in the ear.


Female Great Dane Ear cropping styles

While both male and female bitches are used as watchdogs, male dogs are more used for security, therefore, medium crop styles are better for female canine friends.


The Show cropping style

This ear-cropping style is longer than both the short and battle crop. The ears are cut to a length that allows them to be straight up.

Some dog owners believe this style does not take away the natural look and beauty of the Great Dane, and it gives them an intimidating look at the same time.

Show crop requires skill, experience, and time to make it perfect, and you need an experienced vet doctor to handle this.


The Long Crop

In the long cropping style, only a small portion of the dog’s ear is removed. In this style, the dog’s ears don’t usually stand upright when they grow into full adults.

Also, the dog’s ears are not usually taped in the cropping aftercare procedures.


Cropping your Great Dane Pups Ears

Great Danes with cropped ears and docked tails are now common. Most dog breeders claim puppies with cropped ears are sold better than dogs with uncropped ears.

However, Great Dane ear cropping or any other breed is an elective cosmetic procedure for pets. Also, it can be cruel for your pups.

Therefore, the Great Dane ear cropping age, or any other dog is when they are 7 to 15 weeks old.

This way, you can minimize the risks and costs and allow the dog to recover and heal better. Before you dock your dog’s ears, confirm the position of your state’s animal cruelty laws on this to know if ear docking is legal or not.



Before you trim your Great Dane ears, you should weigh both the risks and the benefits.

Also, cropping dog ears take time and it usually takes between 1 to 2 weeks before it’s completed.

Your dog’s movement would have to be restricted, and there would be no bathing or grooming for 2 weeks until the ears heal completely.