Disadvantages of Raising Beefmaster Cattle Breed

Beefmaster cattle is a composite breed of Bos Taurus or Bos Indicus, Shorthorn and Hereford.

It’s a super productive commercial cattle developed from the US, and the cow can produce tons of flesh and milk.

The purebred beefmaster cattle is known for its brownish-red color or multicolor, but the this breed is already crossbred with other breeds and can have other colors like black or red.

Beetmaster bull weighs 2,500 pounds on average while the cow weighs 1700 pounds.

While there are interesting facts about beefmaster cattle, there are few cons of beefmaster cattle breed.


Disadvantages of Beefmaster Cattle Breed

Cons of beefmaster cattle breed

Some breeders find Beef master cattle ugly

The beefmaster cattle breed is 50% Brahman cattle breed, and this breed is considered ugly by most breeders.

The appearance of cattle can play important role in marketing and sales.

Also, the beefmaster cattle breed is not well known everywhere, and marketing it can be a little difficult.


Beefmaster cattle breed has a Low calf rate

During the breeding season when you expose beefmaster bull to the cow, the number of cow that get pregnant in the first 1 mont is very low.

You’d have to increase the mating period of beefnaster cattle to 2 months or more to have higher calling percent.

Since beefmaster cattle produce low number of calves per year, you can not increase productivity easily.


Beefmaster cattle can be difficult to manage

Most cattle breeds are smart, and if you’re not careful with them, they can be difficult to control, especially when you want them to get back to their house after grazing.

The bull is very smart and aggressive, therefore, the beefmaster cattle breed is not recommended for beginner breeders.


Health Issues

Beefmaster cattle produce quality meat and high quantity of milk but some bloodlines now have fertility problems.

Beefmaster cattle can be disease resistant but can also be allergic to chemicals.

Beefmaster cattle have loose skins and can get injured easily when


Beefmaster cattle is not easy to identify

There is no color uniformity in beefmaster cattle breed. Early breed was dark red or brownish red with white face, but beefmaster now have grey, black, roan, mottled or dun color.

Beefmaster cattle has no specific color and it can be horned or polled.


Pure breed Beefmaster cattle is rare

Since the beefmaster cattle is not popular, there arr many variations of this breed that are marketed as purebred.

This breed is now crossbred with Charolais breed and Angus cattle breed for better performance.



The beefmaster cattle breed is commercially produced in the US for meat and milk production.

The cons of beefmaster cattle are simply out of preference of some breeders, not serious disadvantages any breeder can worry about.