There are all kinds of horse breeds present, ranging from the task related horses which are bred for farming to the horses that are specifically bred for races.

These horses can run fast in average of 35 mph.

In the case of the racehorses, all horse breeds will have one or the other fast racer among them.

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However, there are some specific breeds in horses which are fast by nature. These horses have acceleration records in the world.

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These horses are selected for sports purposes.

They are also trained for greatest international horse races like the Pegasus World Cup, Dubai World Cup, wet Melbourne cup, Grand National, Belmont stakes etc.

These fastest horse breed in the world are bred in such a way where some of these horses are prepped to handle short races, some other best racing horse breed are equipped for long races and games.

These are the fastest horse breeds which can be commonly seen in the sports category.

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Arabian Horse Breed:

 Initially, this horse breed was used for domestic purposes in the ancient days. Due to this fact, these horses have good characteristics, easy to train because they are friendly, intelligent and social.

In fact, they have high stamina, and can run up to 25 miles daily, go without water for two days, take less time to run 20 miles when compared to other horses that are not used for athletics.

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Arabian horse breeds are extremely attentive, which makes them a good fit for long runs. But this breed is not seen in the races as often as the other breeds.

In fact, at most times, this horse breed is used for mutation, in order to develop a faster horse.

With their ever-lasting stamina, they are one of the best choices for long runs and classified as Red Dead Redemption 2 (RD2)


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One of the most popular horses in the racing industry is Thoroughbred.

These horses are highly athletic and have a powerful lower body. This helps them in supporting for longer races.

They are a mixed breed achieved with a mutation involving three different bloodlines.

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The attitude of Thoroughbred is what makes it a strong challenger in fast races. They are hot-headed and will perform with extreme aggression.

This might even lead to some accidents as well as minor health issues.

Thoroughbred can go far up to 60 km/h without water in winter and in hot weather, and go about 3 miles on gallop ride before getting tired.


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Right from the start, this horse was used for hunting and for outdoor purposes.

Since its bloodline has seen a lot of hunting and chasing, this breed is considered to be one of the fastest horses in the world.

They have a distinguished coat which makes them unique.

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This horse breed is much stronger than being fast. Due to the strength of the horse, it can be seen in long-distance races which needs steady support and consistent performance.

This horse is also one of the rare breeds found in the world.



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If there is one horse which is apt for fast races, the Standardbred is the one.

Since this horse has an adaptive nature and can be trained easily, it makes it even more attractive to choose this breed for races.

In fact, this horse breed is also used for showbiz as it can be trained sooner.

Though the horse breed is comparatively smaller to the other breeds, it compensates the size with speed.

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In the earlier days, this breed was used for farming purposes as it can be trained easily.


Quarter Horse:

As the name suggests, this breed is used for short races.

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In fact, it is one of the most commonly used horse breeds for short distance races.

Since this breed has an excellent speed rate, it has a high registration rate.

This horse is quite small and compact in size. But it also has strong muscles which become an excellent combination for moving tactically in races.

In fact, due to its agility and moving skills, it is considered to be one of the fastest horse breeds in the world.

Due to this reason, the horse can be witnessed in several sporting arenas.

Right from the basic racing events to the extensive sporting areas, this breed is popular among all.

While there are plenty of fast horse breeds, the ultimate goal should be to select a horse based on an event.

Top 5 fastest Horse Breed: Standardbred, Quarter, Appaloosa etc