Pet Horse Name Generator for Male, Female Yearling & Foal

The existence of horses and its usefulness have been documented for a long time.

It’s a large single-toe animal that was highly used in the past for war and games.

Scientists classified this animal into family: Perissodactyla and it’s one of the most popular mammals in this category.

Horses are well known for speed, highly developed sense of balance and strong flight since they rather gallop than run.

Mostly because of its strength, speed, and endurance, this animal is being domesticated as a mean of transportation in the past.

Even today that such is not common again, it is now used for other purpose. For example, in sports like polo, horse race, horse fight and others.

There are hundreds of breeds, some are natural while some are crossbreds and they can live long up to 30 years on average and serve different purpose.

Since horses are mostly owned as pets in this present time, naming your pet horse is now a norm, giving name right from its baby stage is now a common practise, just like we name other pets like dogs, cats and birds. is example of random horse name generator with 100 names that pop up each time you click the generate button.

These horses’ names can be used for geldings, for mares, horses with black, white, grey, silver color, both male and female horses, different breeds like mustang, quarter, bay and chestnut horses.

This is a site to get good horse’s names. Simply enter your names and find names.

One pet name is given in one instance and even though it has no correspondence with your name you entered, it’s still a brandable name for registered horse.

Similar to this tool is this, which is for great names for your beautiful horses.

If you have horse as pet and want to give name just for the fun of it, irrespective of the gender or the purpose of having the horse, you can use horseworldonline to generate really cool horse names.

A name is given at a time once you visit and you can click the ‘generate new name’ button if you’re not pleased with the nickname, and generate a new one.

You don’t have to reload the site to get any other beautiful horse name, but right on the tab, you get another one and you can retry as many times as possible to get your desired nickname.

You can as well sign up for an account in order to join their community and benefit from other resources.


Horse business name generator:┬áis a little complex business horse name generator. You’ll be asked to input a keyword idea and create names.

Upon testing, we were able to get over 20,000 popular horse names ideal for black, brown and white horses, names for racehorses in the male and female categories.

You can choose to select his you want the names to be generated, that is, phrase after or before your give keyword, getting addition of tech, business and modern terms and you can rate the result for improvement of the tool.

You can as well send the list of horse names to your email account.

Using this tool, you’ll be able to find horse company names, either you are an expert in horse treatment, you’re selling young horses, training horses for races or into other horse related businesses.

You’ll get diverse ideas, trending words that are used with horses, tips and related words, catchy adjectives, nouns and combined words to use with horses’ name to get the best business name for your horse.

For example, commonly used words like hoof, hound, pony, barn, carriage, riding, winged are suggested and once you find a lovely horse name.

Then, you can proceed to check the availability with bluehost domain name registrar to secure the business name.

Some horse name business suggestions are listed below

  • Horse Heaven Boarding
  • Wild paint Horses Ranch
  • Majestic Registered Indian Stallio
  • Western Cowboy Horse Paradise
  • Horseback Riding Training Academy
  • Elegance Native American Horseback Riding
  • The Wild quarter Horse Sanctuary
    Chestnuts Nature


Pet horse name generator : is a simply to use pet horse names random generator.

The names appear in a row and each name the kind of horse it suits.

Some names are for young male horses (colt), some for young female horses (filly), some for adults in both gender (foal and yearlings).

You can as well enter short words that you want to be included in any horse name you want the tool to pull out for you.

So, get some funny horse baby names, Midget Pony, Pygmy Horse, made now.

Some of the names gotten while reviewing this application are Athena, Tetra, Matilda, Shelly, Carrie, Bitsy, Amy, Amber, Blackie, Spade, Cal, Neo, Rupert, Figaro, Cajun, Calypso, Chips, Fez, Joey, Morris.

These are short names that are easy to pronounce for pet horse owners and they are great names for mustang, quarter, paint, chestmur, Friesian, palomino, Appaloosa or Arabian horses.


This is another good application for getting random horse names and names that are based on your preferred category.

For example, you can select female or male horse names in the gender column.

You can also choose horse names by color ( Black horse, White horse, Brown horse, Gray horse), the pet’s personality ( Cute and gentle, Strong and powerful, Fast).

If you’re not an English man, you can also generate horse’s name in another language (Spanish horse names, French horse names, Italian horse names). This is a great feature that many other softwares don’t have.

If you’ve good horse’s name that you want to recommend for other horse lovers, you can submit it on their site.

You can also search for famous horses’ name that have been used in epic literatures, movies, TV series. Horse’s names of historical figures, artists, politicians and legends.

You can select names starting with a specific alphabet from A to Z or based on food they eat, nature, places and Mythology.

Similar to this application is horseridesupply, with additional feature to generate names ideal for large and small horses’ breeds.


This application tries to get you real horses’ names by avoiding horse’s names used by public figures, mythological names or any other pet’s name that don’t exist.

It has over 1k names in Quenya, Sindarin, Rohhiric, Khuzdul and westron languages.

You can customize your horse’s name by selecting gender, attribute and language and click show to get ten names for different kinds of horses.

Some of the attributes you can choose from are Black or Dark coat horses, Spotted or leopard skin horses, Blond/Buckskin/Dun horses, Chestnut/Red/Sorrel, Paint/Pinto or Skewbald horses.