6 Reasons Cats sleep on your Feet, Bed, with you and Not Others

Cats are one of the most loved pets by pet owners.

As we all know, they are a very small domesticated carnivorous mammal that has very soft fur and retractable claws.

They are mostly loved by people because of their loving and kind behavior.

Generally, they are very inquisitive, friendly, playful, and independent but always remember cats are very appreciative of people who reciprocate the attention that they have shown.

If you are a person who loves this furry domesticated mammal and owns them, chances are – they follow you everywhere and sleep with you, lay on your all the time, and knead you.

Do you know the reasons your cats like to sleep on or between your legs, chest, at the foot of your bed, on your pillow when you’re not home, or sleeping on you when you’re sick and not doing the same to your wife or husband?

Do you know that it has a deeper meaning behind it when your feline friend sleeps with you and at your feet every night?

If you are quite unfamiliar with it then we are here to let you know.

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Why cats sleep with their owners

Reasons your Cats Sleep on You

  • Cats are naturally territorial.

Cats naturally play with their favorites. Cats have their way of bonding with the person they love and choosing who to sleep with, so, don’t be surprised if your cat starts sleeping on the corner of your bed.

Most often they pick their favorite person as their own and it’s very much possible a cat likes a certain person so much and bonds with that single person more than others.

Such a person easily becomes their sleeping partner.

So if your cat is sleeping at or on your feet, or standing with one paw on your feet, this is a strong indication that you have gained your cat’s trust and consider you as their safest place.


  • You have a comforting scent and sound

If you think you have a very strong sound that often annoys other people, then your cat is different; because the natural sound of your body may give an impact on your cat as the best place to sleep.

The rhythm of your heartbeat and breath together with the rise and fall of your inhale and exhale will naturally help your cat from sleeping.

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In addition, your natural scent is pleasant to them as they associate it with care and security.

Cats are also helpful when it comes to smelling as studies have revealed they know when you’re sad, or depressed, something is wrong with you since they can sense illness in a person.

Although their sense of smell as against dogs is still debatable when it comes to smelling changes in your body, however, cats may tell when one is having cancer, diabetes, heart problems, and others.


  • They feel secure and comfortable.

As humans as we are, we always search for security and comfort; as such, it has the same effect with cats as well.

So, if your cat is sleeping on you; you are being considered as having the highest degree of security and comfort.


  • Your cats adore you more than you know

Generally, if you have lost contact with your cat even for just a while, the moment you return home your cat will immediately follow you wherever you go.

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This affection shows that your cats love and adore you; every time you come home, all they want to do is to cuddle and sit around with you.


  • Your cat is comfortable with you

Normally, a cat has a longer sleeping habit than normal people do so it is natural for them to look for a place where they can have a comfortable sleep.

If you find your cat sleeps in your tummy, then consider yourself as their coziest place to have a good rest.


  • A cat normally loves the warmth

If you have noticed, cats love to catch the first rays of sunlight in the morning basically because they love to rest in a warm place.

They seek out external heat so that their bodies can maintain a base temperature; that is the very reason why you might be awake with a cat on top of your head.

If you found a cat who likes to roam around with you then you have been considered as their safest place and security.