What to Look For in a Safe, Fun Dog Park

Dog owners living in California have many dog park options, especially in the city where open space is at a premium.

But how do you know the dog park you’re taking your dog to is safe as well as fun?

Whether you got your dog from a shelter or through a site like californiapuppiesforsale.com, you want to make sure your pet not only has a good time at the dog park you take them to, but that they’re also safe from vehicles, other dogs, and other hazards.

Here are some features to look for in a safe, fun dog park.

How to choose a safe fun dog park

Safe and Secure Perimeter

The main feature of any dog park is the ability to let your dog run around off-leash.

As such, any dog park you consider needs to have a fully secure and safe perimeter.

Usually, a fence accomplishes this all-important task, but the type of fence also matters.

If you have a large dog, a small fence isn’t going to do much to keep them contained.

Look for a fence that is at least six feet tall, which will be high enough to prevent most dogs from jumping it.

Of course, some dogs can even scale a fence that tall, so if your dog is one of these escape artists, keep searching for a dog park with an even taller enclosure.


Separate Play Areas

If you have a small dog, you might not feel comfortable having your little canine mingle with bigger beasts.

For this reason, you’ll want to choose a dog park that offers a separate play area for small dogs or for dogs who aren’t as social as others.

The large-dog play area should have plenty of space for them to run around in, while the small-dog play area should have plenty of toys to play with and natural features to explore.

A well-designed dog park will have the same amenities in both the large and small dog play areas so that you don’t feel like you have to use one or the other to take advantage of all the perks.


Paw-Friendly Ground Cover

States like California can get extremely hot in the summer and pavement that gets baked by the sun is dangerous to dog paws.

Do not choose to visit a dog park that includes copious amounts of pavement and concrete.

These materials are not paw-friendly and could hurt your pet if you let them run around on these surfaces.

Instead, look for a dog park that features natural grass or synthetic turf that will keep your puppy’s paws protected from ground heat and other dangers like crumbling concrete or asphalt.


Agility Features

One of the main reasons dog owners visit dog parks is to provide their pets with ample exercise opportunities.

If this is one of your needs, select a dog park that includes agility features like hoop jumps or teeter-totters.

This equipment is something most dogs don’t have access to at home, so finding a park that offers these features will provide new challenges and extra stimulation for your pup.



Of course, don’t forget to look for human amenities as well.

A dog park that’s fun and safe for your pet should also be comfortable for you.

Benches, shade trees, picnic tables, and other features can allow you to get as much out of a dog park as your dog does.

And if you find a dog park you enjoy, be sure to give it a good review so other dog owners can easily assess whether it meets their needs or not.