Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds to Prevent Respiratory and Skin Problems

Do you want healthy small or medium-size friendly dogs that don’t shed or with low shedding to keep as pet?

You want the best emotional support dog breed to help managing your anxiety or child’s anxiety.

Dogs are now regarded as part of the family by most people in America.

However, not everyone can cope when it comes to dog allergy which frequently occur due to their foods.

Therefore, considering the personality and inborn traits of your preferred dog pet, you should find them among hypoallergenic dog breeds if you can’t dare dog allergy.

You can get them easily on popular pet stores in US like AKC, Petfinder and others.

You can search for example, hypoallergenic dogs for sale near you in your city.

There are many hypoallergenic dog breeds, but here is the list of 10 popular ones.


  • Poodle Dog Breed

The poodle is a small and intelligent hypoallergenic dog and considered a great choice for someone with allergies.

There are full and half breeds in the market like Maltese poodles and other poodle mix.

Poodle breed has minimal shedding and very smart which makes them easy to train.

There are color varieties like Apricot, Black, gray, Blue, Brown and Red to choose from.

The poodle puppies are very small and often miniature pups as some can be just a little bigger than teacup. May be a joke!

They are used for dog shows and look elegant. So, poodles make great family pets you can order online from pet store if you’re allergic to dogs.

While a giant and standard male and female poodle can cost a little more than a thousand dollar, poodle puppies are more expensive and could cost about $2000 or more.

And it does not matter whether you’re buying Toy Poodle, Tiny Toy, Teacup or Tiny Teacup Poodle here.

However, you can compare prices from sellers who offer these pups for sale in different places like Michigan, Dallas, San Diego, Pittsburgh, Las Vegas before buying.


  • Maltese Dog Breed

Maltese are small white hypoallergenic dogs which make excellent family companions and as emotional support dog to help you release your pet-up emotions.

They have a hairlike coat and shed very little which makes them a great choice for dog lovers looking for a hypoallergenic dog.

They also have a docile temperament and known for their agility, obedience, and tracking.

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There are lots of groomers who offer Maltese dog breed for sale in Idaho, Kansas, Louisville, Los Angeles, Houston and Hampshire.

The popular white full bred white Maltese baby can cost less than $1000 or more. Even some teacup puppies are up to $1500.


  • Bichon Frise Dog Breed

Bichon Frise has a soft, non-shedding coat which is good for curbing allergy attacks.

They are small in size and possess lovable personalities which make them great for families with children and can be used as anxiety service dog due to their friendliness.

They are very simple to train and always in a happy mood. They have a demeanor which is affectionate and gentle.

Bichon Frise hypoallergenic dogs are commonly put for sale in PA, Ohio, NYC, GA, Raleigh, Lancaster, Indiana, Texas and California so you can order yours online from any reputable pet store.

You can search Bichon Frise on Craiglist or try dog adoption centers if you’ll get one pup for free.

The price range of Bichon Frise pup is wide since the mother’s traits and health are always prioritized.

While some may get it at less than $500, others may get this same breed at over a thousand dollar.


  • The Labradoodle Dog Breed

The Labradoodle is a hypoallergenic breed made by crossing Labrador Retrievers and Poodles.

They have a coat which doesn’t shed easily.

An Australian Labradoodle is easy to train and they are very intelligent.

They are usually very calm but can get active outdoors.

They can live easily with other dogs and pets in the same household and are great with children.

There is good demand for Labradoodle baby dogs in Wyoming, Bedrock, Alberta, Phoenix, Richmond, South Carolina, San Antonia and Oregon so any breeder can target these markets.

The Labradoodle is quite expensive when compared to most doggies. It’s one of the most expensive dog breeds in Australia as the price range is between $2000 and $3000.

You can compare price from top pet stores like NextDaypets, RescueMe, ASPCA, American Kennel Club to find the best price.


  • Portuguese Water Dog Breed

Portuguese Water Dog is also hypoallergenic dog breed that was originally bred to help fishermen.

They are popular among allergy sufferers and make a great family companion due to their loving and caring nature.

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They are a great companion for swimming and jogging.

They can adapt to different environments quickly as well.

There’s also good market for Portuguese Water Dog breeders in SC, PA, Colorado, Arkansas, Alaska, Edinburgh, Ontario, Florida, California and Michigan.

Portuguese Water Dog (PWD) can also be quite expensive as their puppies are mostly sold for over $2000.

However, this depends on the breeders and health tests the PWD has undergone before being listed for sale.


  • Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Dog Breed

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier is an hypoallergenic dog breed for people with small budget since it’s not expensive and the pup can be gotten for few hundred bucks.

This breed originated from Ireland and has soft coats that are hairlike and less like fur.

They shed very little fur and popular among allergy sufferers.

They require regular exercising and are a great option as a family companion and also, they are highly people-oriented and adore children.

The Irish soft coated Wheaten Terrier has become more popular recently in Connecticut, Denver, PA, NJ, Florida and Midwest and you can purchase or target these areas in your sales.

To make them active and healthy, you’ll need to exercise with them every day. Just simple indoor activities will work well for soft coated Wheaten Terrier.


  • The Chinese Crested Dog Breed

The Chinese Crested dogs hardly have any hair at all.

The coated variety has hair that does not shed much.

They are not active to go out and run around like other breeds but they intensely get social and bonded quickly with their owner’s family and other dogs of their breeds.

The Chinese Crested dogs are commonly found avoiding dogs from other breeds but any pet dog to have in order to avoid dander allergy, this hypoallergenic breed is good enough.

The price of purchasing a pup is also less than $1000.

You can search different pups with information on their pedigree on Puppyfind, PetFinder, AKC or AdoptAPet.

We also discovered that there are more buyers of powder puff Chinese Crested dogs looking for sellers in Texas, California, Michigan, Arizona, Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Ohio in recent time.


  • Giant Schnauzer Dog breed

Giant Schnauzer has wiry coats with minimal shedding.

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They are very active dogs and love traveling and outings with the family.

This breed is not only known for low shedding but also for their intelligence which makes it easy to train them to carry out various tasks.

They love long walks and jogging every day and often get bored indoors.

They should be exposed to children and other pets from a young age or else they tend to be reserved in nature.

There are top breed lines and higher pedigree of Giant Schnauzer which you can get at price range between $1500 and $3000 in Alabama, Missouri, VA, TN, Texas, Omaha, Illinois and Delaware.


  • Afghan Hound Dog Breed

Afghan Hound is also hypoallergenic dog breed.

It has a long and flowing coat and they actually shed very little.

They have great peripheral vision and usually used for dog fashion shows.

They also come in different varieties such as the winterberry, mahadi, domino, dragonfly, Aries, Xzotika, Coastwind, Andros, Jolie, Chandhara Afghan hounds and others.

Earlier they were used for hunting games and so they have good speed and today, they are purchased as furry friend.

Afghan Hound puppy with top breed line and superior pedigree can also be relatively costly as mostly sold above $2000 when it’s from quality mother.


  • Kerry Blue Terrier Dog Breed

Kerry Blue Terrier has a coat similar to the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.

They make a great family friend. Since they shed very less, they are a formidable option for a family looking to adopt a hypoallergenic dog.

The Bluebeard kerry blue terrier puppies and few other varieties have price range between $500 and $1500.

The demand for Kerry blue terrier is now high in North Carolina, New England, Oregon, Texas, Indiana, Texas and Michigan as search for Kerry blue terrier puppy sale terms have increased.

You can order one from any of the quality international pet stores if you’re in US, UK, Canada or as shipping may not be much problem.

You can as well order from any where or your dog store as long as you’re getting a quality and healthy pup.

Apart from the dog breeds listed above, Shih Tzu, Havanese and Xoloitzcuintli are also worth mentioning as hypoallergenic dog breeds to prevent allergies.