How to Unstick a Dog after Mating

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Copulatory Tie in Dogs

Dogs can demonstrate different postures and movements during mating, depending on the size, breed, and behavior of the dogs.

However, for successful copulation, the male dog usually mounts the female dog from behind, inserts the male sexual organ (bulbus glandis) into the vagina, and maintains this position for a period to allow ejaculation to take place.

In the act of mating, dogs are frequently found stuck together after mating, this is referred to as copulatory tie. It is most common in dogs, but can also occur in other animals, including humans.



What happens if a male dog is stuck together with the female after mating?

The reason male dogs get stuck with the females after mating is that the male dog’s penis has swollen in the female dog’s vagina, and it’s difficult to pull. It can also be that the female dog’s vagina has become narrow.

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However, the copulatory tie marks the concluding phase of the mating process in dogs.

Once the male dog inserts his genitalia (bulbus glands), it swells, which subsequently hinders disengagement during mating. It’s a natural phenomenon to enable successful copulation and fertilization.


Why dogs stuck together after mating

What to do if your dogs have been stuck together?

Your dogs can be physically entwined during mating, making separation difficult.

Throughout this period of engorgement, the dogs remain physically joined until the swelling subsides. It’s advisable not to interrupt them during this time so you don’t get them injured, especially the male dog.



How long does it take to get dogs unstuck

You don’t need to worry to get dogs unstuck fast. It’s a normal part of the mating process that usually lasts for 15 to 30 minutes.

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However, dogs can stick together for a longer time. There are rare cases of dogs being stuck together for over 1 hour.

This can occur if huge dog mates with a small-size dog, the dogs are not comfortable and relaxed in the environment in which the mating occurs, the dogs are anxious, especially for dogs that are new to mating, etc.



How to Unstick a Dog after Mating?

Dogs getting stuck while mating is a natural thing, and getting unstuck does not need human intervention.

It’s essential to remain calm and avoid causing stress to your dogs.

Trying to forcefully separate them could cause injury so you should allow the tie to naturally resolve.

If there are people, other animals, or disturbances in the environment, you can resolve that to allow them to stay calm.

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It’s important to the dogs closely during the tie to ensure they’re comfortable and not in distress.

You can show love to them by petting them and giving them a massage to calm their nerves.

If the head, neck, or hindlegs are locked up, you can separate them, and also massage the tail to gently pull the dog.

You can also get dogs unstuck fast with lukewarm water. You can splash it around their genitalia, bath them together or simply put them in a small pool filled with lukewarm water, and gently move them away from each other.

If you are not able to separate your stuck dogs, you should call your veterinarian for help.