Human Foods your Dog can Eat to make him Healthy

Dog owners are commonly seen feeding their pet dogs with the human foods they eat.

While there are healthy foods, vegetables, and fruits your dog can crunch, some human foods could be toxic to dogs or cause mild health issues.

Because of this, there are several frequently asked questions about the foods and veggies dogs can eat and we’re going to be looking at that and when it’s too much to feed dogs with a particular treat.



Corn, either freshly cooked or canned corn is a good human food to feed your doggie.

However, you should not serve the corn with a con as the dog may not be able to eat corn off the cob.

You need to help your dog by giving them much water if he eats the corn with the cob because it can stay in his stomach for more than a day and this can induce vomiting.

You should also avoid feeding your dog with frozen corn often because the starch may not be easily metabolized in their digestive tract.

While adult and senior dogs can eat corn kennel without any problem, a pup should not be allowed to eat the kennel so it doesn’t dislodge in his stomach.

Foods dogs can eat without harm


It is not a bad idea if you feed dog human food instead of canned dog food especially if you’re low on budget, however, getting supplements to balance homemade dog food is essential.

Brown rice is a dog’s favorite meal. Make sure the rice is well cooked and you serve with protein-rich foods like boiled egg, fish, or chicken.

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Kindly note that how much-boiled chicken or boiled egg and rice you serve depends on the size and quantity of the dogs.

In any case, you don’t have to be given your dog rice every day, neither will you be serving egg or chicken to your pet all the time.

Give varieties of foods so the dog can get vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients from other foods.

Also, ensure you debone your chicken or turkey before serving it to the dog. This is because the bone may crack and splinter, and it could dislodge in a dog’s stomach, cause internal injury, and even death.

It’s preferable to serve raw chicken bone to your dog if you want to offer bones to your love.

Small dogs eating bones can start throwing up or result in diarrhea.

If it takes more than a day for the bone to pass in both puppy and adult dog, you should call your vet doctor immediately to avoid more problems.



What you can feed your dog besides dog food is to offer fruits to complement their diet.

Green peas, and sugar snap peas are healthy for dogs as they’re rich in vitamins and minerals.

However, there’s an exception if a dog is already having a problem with her kidney. Purines that are in pea could worsen the issue.

And also, when buying canned pea for dogs, make sure it does not have sodium content so that your love can be on the safe side.

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Green beans

Green beans are edible and healthy for dogs since they’re low in calories and rich in other essential nutrients like vitamins, protein, and minerals to keep the body healthy.

Make sure you prepare your fresh green beans well as some complaints of dog’s stomach upset after adding this food.

Green beans, either fresh or canned are safe. Just make sure it’s not sweetened with sugar or salt and it can help the teeth and gum as well.

Foods dog can eat or can't eat


Either sweet or Irish potato can be given to your dog without any issue provided you don’t add butter or gravy to it.

Baked or mashed sweet potato can be served to dogs with corn or even unsweetened cooked pumpkin as a home remedy for dogs having diarrhea.

So, you don’t have to starve your animal because he’s having diarrhea.

Make sure you cook it well, and remove the potato skin so the toxin doesn’t hurt your dog.

Feeding a dog with potatoes everyday is not also advisable as the dog may start to poop more than normal.

As much as the sweet potato recipe is a healthy treat, you should not allow your dog to eat raw potatoes as this can upset his stomach and if he eats whole raw potatoes, you should seek a doctor’s advice.



Cheese can supply your dog with the needed fat and it can’t hurt your furry friend.

But you should consider low-fat cheese like cheddar, mozzarella, or cottage since too much fat can lead to indigestion, and cause vomiting and diarrhea.

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What happens when you feed your dog cheese regularly is that there will be weight gain and the dog will also have a problem digesting it most times.



Chopped or ground ripe tomato as a paste or canned can be added to dog treats, so also tomato sauce.

Only green tomato fruit or its plant can have side effects such as lethargy, body weakness, and others on your dog friend.

If you ever find your dog crunching on tomato leaves or stems, try to stop him or report to the vet since the high solanine content would hurt your dog.

Kindly note that it’s better to prepare the fresh tomato and get it well cooked for your doggie that to buy paste or canned tomato which may contain additives and preservatives.



Carrot can be added to your homemade dog food recipes.

And when you add vegetables and fruits to your dog’s diet, it does not matter how much homemade food you’re feeding your pet, the nutrients would be balanced.

Carrots, however, should be taken in a small amount.

It is neither OK to give your dog carrots every day nor feed them raw carrots, especially puppies.

Sometimes, the dog can start throwing up after eating carrots if it’s too much or not boiled and the undigested carrots could be seen in their stool.

It is also possible that carrots could cause diarrhea, so you should add them to their food once a week in a small amount.