Leonberger German Shepherd Mix – A Good Pet or Not

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Leonberger German Shepherd Mix

A Leonberger German Shepherd mix, also known as a Leonberger Shepherd, is a crossbreed between a Leonberger and a German Shepherd. Both of these breeds are large dogs, so a Leonberger German Shepherd mix usually has an impressive size.


Historical Background of Leonberger and German Shepherd

Leonberger dog breed is a cross of Great Pyrenees, Newfoundland, and longhaired Saint Bernard by Heinrich Essigin in 1846, Leonberg, Germany.

He attempted to develop a dog breed that looks like a lion and the crest of Leonberg.

However, German Shepherd dogs trace their roots back to the 19th century in Germany, where they were primarily used for herding, police work, and military tasks.

These dogs have a rich and diverse ancestry, making them highly versatile in various roles.

While Leonbergers are known as working dogs, German Shepherds have a reputation for their herding abilities. These distinctions apply to both American and European breed registries.

When you combine these two breeds, you get a crossbreed that excels in guarding and enjoys outdoor activities.


Leonberger German Shepherd Mix Appearance

Leonberger German Shepherd mix is a giant, tall dog breed that can grow up to 30 inches in height.

A full-grown male or female Leonberger German Shepherd can weigh 150 pounds on average.

The full-bred Leonberger Shepherd with pure ancestry usually has a huge size, while the mixed ancestry parents can produce pups that weigh between 110 to 130 pounds at adult age.

Nevertheless, most of these crosses are considered giant-sized due to their height and weight.

One prominent physical characteristic of this breed is their impressive size, which not only adds to their visual appeal but also contributes to their effectiveness as watchdogs.

Leonberger German Shepherd coat colors can vary, including shades of lion-yellow, brown, and red, often accompanied by a distinctive black mask.

With a double coat that is long and water-resistant, these dogs are highly versatile and can enjoy water-based activities.


Leonberger German Shepherd Mix Behavior

Leonbergers are friendly and affectionate, while German Shepherds are often described as loyal and intelligent. Therefore, a Leonberger German Shepherd mix can be friendly and smart.

It’s important to note that mixed-breed dogs can inherit traits from either parent, or a combination of both, so their temperament and physical characteristics can vary greatly.

It’s also important to properly socialize and train your dog, regardless of breed or mix, to ensure they grow up to be well-behaved and happy pets.


How to care for Leonberger’s German Shepherd?

Grooming Leonberger shepherd requires a lot of effort due to their long coats, and they shed quite a bit.

Coat cleaning is necessary to keep their fur in check and maintain cleanliness in your home.

Leo Shepherd crosses experience heavy shedding periods twice a year, along with moderate shedding throughout the year, making weekly grooming a must if you want to have a healthy dog.

When it comes to bathing, Leonberger shepherds should be bathed monthly or twice a month if you have the time. Use a mild shampoo specifically designed for long-haired dog pets.

Bathing helps remove loose fur, particularly during shedding seasons, and rinsing them after water activities helps remove debris.

In addition to brushing and bathing, there are other grooming needs to consider. Regularly clipping their claws, checking and cleaning their teeth and gums, and cleaning their ears and eye areas are all essential for their overall health and appearance.


Training Leonberger Shepherd Mix

Exercise and social interaction are vital for this dog breed if you want to have a healthy companion.

Leo shepherds thrive on being an integral part of their families lives and should not be left alone for long periods.

Providing them with an hour of exercise every day helps prevent boredom and destructive behaviors.

Separation anxiety may be present due to their Leonberger ancestry, while their Shepherd lineage may cause a tendency to escape and wander, therefore, taking them on trips and engaging them in various activities, such as visits to dog parks, water sports, hiking, and fitness classes, can further strengthen the bond between you and your canine friend.


Is Leonberger German Shepherd Mix Good as Pet?

Their size has led many to wonder about their suitability as family pets.

Yes, Leonberger German shepherd can make a good pet and wonderful family companion. You only need to appreciate their unique blend of traits, including their protective nature towards their family.

Proper training and early socialization are important for Leonberger German Shepherd mixes to develop good behavior.

With their high intelligence and natural obedience, these dogs respond well to gentle guidance and positive reinforcement.

They generally get along with other pets like cats and can be friendly with your kids, but supervision is necessary due to their size and herding instincts.

Introducing this dog breed to your family should be done as early as possible to avoid any issues.

Proper introductions and supervised interactions help them adjust and feel comfortable in different social situations.



Leonberger German Shepherd mixes are remarkable dogs with a lot to offer as family pets.

Their unique blend of traits, coupled with proper care, grooming, training, and socialization, can make them loving, loyal, and well-behaved companions.