Pros and Cons of Belly Bands or Wraps for Dogs

If you’re a dog lover, you’re likely to have heard about dog diapers, belly wrap, or belly bands.

What is the purpose of a belly band for dogs, how is it used, and how good or bad belly bands are for both male and female dogs?


What are Belly Bands for Dogs?

Belly bands are a wrap similar to a diaper that are used around a dog’s waist to contain urine.

Belly bands are used on female and male dogs that have a minor urinatory problems, to stop them from marking, or messing up your home.

The belly band is not cruel to dogs, but it should not be tight or loose. Adjust the velcro so the private part is well covered, and the dog can move freely with it.

Also, you should not leave the belly wrap for too long, 2 to 3 hours is good, or once you notice the wrap is soiled.

Advantages of belly bands for dogs

Advantages of Belly Bands for Dogs

It prevents dog urine stains on household items and odor

If you’ve just adopted a dog or bought a new pup, one of the easiest ways to potty train your puppy or a new bitch is to place it on dog wrap.

While the belly band would not train the dog not to mess with your home, it will not allow them to stain your furniture.

Senior male dogs or dog breeds that get too excited urinate more, and if they’re not trained, their urine odor can be frustrating, so the best bet is to place them in diaper.


It’s easy to wear on Dogs and take off

You can easily wear belly bands on dogs. Just put it through the dog’s head comfortably and adjust it around the waist, and when it’s messed up, simply take it off, it’s without any discomfort.

If you adjust the velcro stick on both sides properly and follow the instructions of the manufacturer, your dog will sit and move freely with a belly band.

Some bands are made with elastic materials, and they could be tight on dogs, and loose after being watched many times.


Belly bands are washable

Dog belly bands can be washed by hand or by washing machine with laundry detergent.

First, remove the soiled belly wrap and soak it in a warm water and add detergent, then rinse it and dry it or drop it in a washing machine for deep cleaning and dry.


Belly bands are cheap

Belly bands are made with cotton, and are affordable for most pet parents.

You can buy disposable or washable belly wraps, and it saves a lot of money on cleaning pee and poop off your furniture.


Belly band Controls Dog Marking

You can easily stop your dog from peeing and pooping in the house with belly bands.

While belly bands do not teach your dogs not to mark, you can manage this behavioral marking with belly wrap.

If you start using it from the day you brought the dog into your apartment, then you can manage the behavioral marking effectively.


Belly bands are fit for all dog sizes

There are different sizes of belly bands, and you can choose the size that’s comfortable for your dog.

It works for small sized dogs, giant dogs, male and female dogs, and puppies.


Mobile Potty while going on a long journey or travelling

If you’re going on a long distance with your dog in your car, a belly band can help to catch the urine, and you can save the stress of getting your dog down to pee or poop.

Dog belly wrap can also help prevent accidents when your dog is overly excited and wanted to mark or poop.


Belly wraps help to manage Urinary problems

The inability to control the bladder is a common problem in older dogs. Urinary incontinence can be triggered by many factors, but a temporary approach to solving this problem is to place such a dog on a belly band.

You only need to be careful and change the band once soiled so bacteria do not grow in the urethra and cause UTI.


Dog belly wraps are stylish

Dog wraps are made in different designs and colors, and you can step out with your dog to anywhere.

Since it’s fashionable, you can use choose the pattern and color that match your outfit or that of your dog.


Disadvantages of Belly Bands for Dogs

Cleaning Belly bands can be stressful

While belly bands are not uncomfortable for dogs and they can wear it all day, you’ll have to be changing it every 2 to 3 hours. You can not leave a soiled band on your dog for a long time.

You’ll have to wash it several times daily, and each time you wash, you’d need to get it dried before using it again.

Even when you have many wraps, cleaning them is still stressful when your dog uses many bands daily.


You cant leave it on dogs for long

You can only use belly bands on your dog when you’re indoor with him.If you’re going out for a long period, you can either remove it so avoid skin irritation when it gets soiled or have someone to help you change it when it’s messed up.


Not all dogs find it comfortable

Some dogs start misbehaving when you put them on belly wraps, just like some dogs don’t like to use collar.


Belly wraps are not easy to wash

While there are washable dog belly wraps, they’re usually made with synthetic materials and not easy to wash or made clean.

Also, some pet owners get irritated with the smell of the wrap when soiled in dog’s urine.


Not effective for female dogs

Some brands now produce belly bands specifically for female dogs, but most belly wraps, either made for male or female, can not cover the female private areas properly.


May not be for every dog

Some dog breeds do not like being dressed up. Also, some dogs are allergic to synthetic materials,and since most wraps are made with synthetic material, such dog may not be comfortable to use it.


Belly bands can not cure urine incontinence

If your dog is not able to control his peeing, then belly wraps can only save you from embarrassment and frustration in cleaning the mess, it can not control the illness.


Belly bands can cause skin infection to dogs

If you dont change the belly wrap after being wet, you dog can develop skin irritation or other infections from there.

Also, the dog’s fur can be messed, and you’d have to bath the dog more than sheduled.


More expenses for Pet owners

Dog belly bands are cheap, and cost between $10 to $20, and you will need more than 3 pieces for 1 dog, therefore, it’s an additional cost to your expenses.