Unique Female Dog Names for All Breeds starting with Any Letter

There are several female dog name generators on the internet but finding unique female dog names and their meanings, and not just a mix of alphabets can be a pain.

Unique female dog names are those unusual titles given to girl dogs.

female dog name

It’s true anyone can come up with any given name for bitches but you would like to have something classic, cute and pronounceable.

Let’s see some of the features of the following female dog name apps and what you can get by using them.



This dog name app is simple to use and perfect for finding unique puppy names for girls.

Mostly syllable pretty girl dog names are displayed in a row and consist of five titles at a time.

If you’re not satisfied, you can choose to generate again till you find your favorite.

Once you visit the site, a list of names is given at random and you can now select female and generate a list.

During our review, we created the following:

Crimson, Lassie, Perdy, Pinecone, Eskimo, Riley, Dora, Tequila, Tesla, and Sherbert.

These are unique female dog names for small dogs like Shih Tzu, Chihuahua, Bichon Frise, Yorkies, Brussels Griffon, Siberian huskies, Boston Terrier, Pomeranian, French Bulldog, pug, and Papillon.

There are also powerful and unusual girl names for female dog breeds of badass bitches like the golden retriever, Pitbulls, German and Australian shepherd, great Danes, bulldogs, rottweiler, etc.

Meliora, Gumball, Amadore, Helma, Guida, Rosamond, Daralis, Bedelia, Mauve, Ceres, Iva, Quby, Donna, Yuffie Kisaragi, Pearl, Audrey, and Ugolina are some of the unique puppy names which can be given to young pets too.



This app also gets you cute girl dog names that are unique.

While you can not select the pet color, it gets you black and brown doggie names for female pups

To use the app online, visit the site, select the female gender and style as ‘Unique’ (There are also other styles such as hipster, famous, historic, popular, or all categories.) and create your unique female dog names list.

These lists are a mix of human names, French dog names, Hawaiian female dogs, Korean, Japanese, names from movies, and yahoo answers.

You can also find German shepherd female dog names, southern female dog names, and unique female hunting dog names that are all unique and uncommon.

Some of the unusual names are Brie, Buttercup, Cece, Charli, Farrah, Jolene, Kona, Layla, Leia, Lulu, Mimi, Mochi, Peach, Pearl, Snowflake, Suki, Taffy, Vanilla, Velvet, Xena, Yuna.



If you’re searching for a unique female dog name generator that you can be creative with getting ideas about a given name for your love, dogell would serve you right.

Not only are we able to find unique puppy names for females, also got doggie names with blue eyes, titles for white, black, and brown beagles, boxers, and yellow and black labs.

Also, female dog names with their respective meanings.

For example, Names with the meaning of love.
Adora, Ahava, Amie, Anabelle, Aiko, Asta, Amata – Love

Axel, Salem, Stellan, cid, pax, Hiro, wadi, Galen, ReizoPeace

Toivo, con, Truman, tumaini, umed, umit, Titus, Mahaz, Amil – Hope

And several other names meaning loyal friend, gentle, light, heart, protector, friend, survivor, rescued, second chance, kind, bear, king, happy, etc.

Most of those exotic English dog names are either Hebrew, France, Arab, Egypt, and Greek Roman origin.

Here you find the best name meaning angel, adventurous, energetic, intelligent, happy, etc.

To use the app, select the female gender and choose the breed. Here you can search by typing the breed to suggest the rest for you.

For example, you can generate unique female dog names for Rhodesian ridgeback, red healers, Cavalier King Charles, chihuahua, and corgis.

Also, cane Corso, sheepdogs, Jack Russell, dachshunds, Doberman and as many as you want.

You also have the option to choose any female dog name starting with any letter from a to z.


Examples of unusual female dog names starting with A

Ardis, Alfreda, Alarice, Alyx Vance, Ada Wong, Almena, Anona, Adler


Unique names starting from B

Berengaria, Betty White, Brittany, Brownie, Bladina, Baila, Briar, Brooke, Bitsy, Benedicta


Unique Cute girl names that start with C

Commander Shepard, Chita, Conradian, Cara, Clelia, Chalina, Charo, Clarenza, Cali, Countess, Ceres


Cool names starting with D

Deifilia, Daisy Duck, Deanna, Divina, Delma, Didrika, Dihya, Dagmar, Doreen, Dazzle


Unique and classic dog names starting with F

Fandango, Feisty, Freda, Flynn, Frankie, Faine, Frederica, Fleur, Fritzi, Foxy, and Firecracker.

There are hundreds of other popular female dog names starting from J, K, M, S, Y, and Z and ending with these letters too.

In the last option, you can select the topic from the shortlist, that is, small dog names, video games, and Disney dog names.