Natural Home Remedies for your Dog’s Allergies

Many pet lovers are allergic to furry animals, including dogs.

This can be found in the dog’s dander, urine, and saliva and could trigger asthma or make it worse; so also pneumonia and other respiratory problems.

For dog owners who become allergic to their dog all of a sudden, the shedding of fur increases during warmer weather which can make dog allergies even worse.

Suddenly, you can start having skin Itch and bumps on your arm after playing with your dog. This is a way to tell that you’re allergic to your dog.

If you’ve also got a new pet, kindly note that you can be allergic to some dogs and not others, so the new pet may not suit you.

This is the primary reason why people keep hypoallergenic dogs as pets.

These breeds may not be fully allergen-free but they are still a better option for people with allergies.


How to help yourself and your Dog with Allergies

There are several ways to manage dog allergies. It all depends on your health, tolerance, and level of sensitivity.

How to treat dog itchy skin at home

Maintaining Hygiene at home

For dog dander allergies, reducing or getting rid of them is very important.

You can achieve this by cleaning your dog weekly, washing their beddings, and ventilating their rooms regularly.

You should also clean your rooms if you allow your pet dog in since dog dander can stay a while at home, especially if not cleaned away.


Hypoallergenic Dog Foods to reduce Allergies

You can as well feed your love with hypoallergenic dog foods, best for sensitive and itchy skin.

While some of them contain protein from animals only or/and plants they are hydrolyzed protein and a good diet for your doggy.

Royal canine, Blue wilderness protein grain-free, and Rachael ray Nutrish are some of the vets’ approved dog foods for allergic dogs.

There are also homemade treat recipes you can try.

Crockpot Beef or Turkey, lean chicken and potato, beef, and skinless and boneless Turkey are raw foods for dogs with allergies. Just make sure you cook it well.

Offering your dog a whole grain diet is also good. Brown rice, wheat, and oatmeal are common grains, you can add protein sources like tuna or Salmon fish to them.


Buying Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds to keep safe

If you would have to let go of your dog friend, for example, if your pet has made your asthma worse and you need the best dog breed for asthma sufferers, you can buy a hypoallergenic dog breed.

There are small breed hypoallergenic puppies under 300, 200, and even 100 dollars suitable for pets.

Petfinder, puppyfind, and American kennel club are some of the pet stores that sell hypoallergenic dogs where you can get cheap pups.

You can also check the Craigslist website for sellers near you.

There are also dog adoption centers in different states in the US where you can get free hypoallergenic puppies.