American Eskimo Border Collie Mix (Ski-Border) Traits

American Eskimos Border collie (Ski-Border)

American Eskimos and border collies are wonderful watchdogs and pets.

One of the best mixes with a border collie is American Eskimo. Therefore, an American Eskimo and border collie mix is a good combination, and it makes a new dog breed known as ski-border and a good family dog.

American Eskimo border collie mix dogs are friendly and good as family pets, same also American Eskimo and Chihuahua mix.

While Ski-borders are friendly and bond with children and family, you need to introduce them to the family early, preferably when they’re puppies.


American Eskimo Border collie Appearance

According to Mendel’s principles of inheritance, a mix of American Eskimo and border collie can produce puppies that have more American Eskimo dog traits, more border collie and puppies with balanced traits.

However, most ski borders have the head, face resemblance, and curled tail of an American Eskimo but body and coat of border collies.

The fur of border collie American Eskimo is usually white and black, but can also have a mix of cream, brown, and gray colors.

Collie American Eskimo has downy undercoat and fluffy and curly or straight topcoat.

American Eskimo border collie males and female weigh between 20 to 30 pounds and grow up to 2o inches tall as adult.

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Ski-border is a medium-sized dog breed, a bit muscular and lean, and has dainty rabbit feet.

Ski border dog breed behavior

American Eskimo Border collie Characteristics

American Eskimos are not shy but not aggressive, and the ski borders are seen to be very energetic, intelligent, and alert.

Ski-borders can play with other dogs and bond with people, but when not properly done, they can be too playful.

Ski borders need a lot of exercises since they love to run, chase things, and seek the attention of their owner.

American Eskimo is known for excessive barking but this trait is balanced in ski-border since they don’t bark too much but woof on strange things and are alert of danger.

They have a moderate temperament and can be controlled and socialized.

American Eskimo border collie mix also loves to sit on your furniture, hence, potty training is very important for this dog breed.

The average lifespan of ski borders is 14 years, and with proper care, exercise, and healthy foods, the dog breed can live a happy and healthy life.


American Eskimo Border collie Care

This breed is intelligent, obedient, playful, and has fluffy hair as stated.

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They need a bit large apartment or garden to enjoy their lives.

Skiborder has an undercoat and topcoat, hence, the thick coat requires a lot of brushing to shed dead furs, and keep the coat tidy.

Skiborder sheds a lot, and needs grooming. You should also wash your dog every week and clean the fur from parasites.

The nails should be trimmed with a nail cutter or clipper once a month, and debris should be cleaned from the ear when necessary.

You should brush the teeth of your skiborder every week to prevent plaque from forming and gum problems.


American Eskimo Border collie Feeding

This mix doesn’t need a lot of food, it’s a medium-sized dog breed, and you don’t want your dog to have weight problems.

You can purchase quality can dog foods for American Eskimo border collie or homemade cookies.

You should feed your American Eskimo border collie mix according to their size, age, and energy requirements.

You can give 1 cup of food to skiborder in the morning, 1.5 cups in the afternoon, and half a cup in the evening.

Skiborder should be fed with both wet and dry dog foods. Treats like a peanut butter cookies, bacon, beef, and cheese are loved by this breed.

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Skiborder can eat almost any type of dog food, just make sure it has more protein, and is free from colors and flavors or any toxic material.


American Eskimo Border collie Mix Health

American Eskimo border collie mix dog is a moderately active and healthy dog breed. However, it’s not immune to common dog problems.

Since this new breed is a very energetic dog that loves to run around, the breed is prone to muscle and bone problems.

Hip dysplasia and Idiopathic epilepsy are common illnesses when skiborder grows old, and it can also suffer from tooth problems.


How to Buy Skiborder?

You can adopt skiborder from a dog adoption company. You can also get an American Eskimo collie mix puppy for around $1000.

You can buy this dog breed from a local breeder near you, or online pet store.

It’s important to research the background of this dog and make sure it’s an American Eskimo and border collie crossbreed.

An adult skiborder should cost about $5,000 or more.